Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've been busy working on digital scrapbooking our last Disney World trip. I found this great group online- Mousescrappers. I get lots of ideas, complete challenges to earn more digital scrapbooking goodies, and generally find people like me who love Disney AND scrapbooking. If you've wondered about digital scrapbooking, take a moment to check it out tomorrow!
Click the pic to link to the website!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zoo trip!

As usual, I've been crazy busy with life. But, this is spring break, and I'm enjoying lots of resting and quiet while the kiddos are having adventures at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Beth had a day off school, spring was hinting in the air, and off we went to the zoo. For Christmas, Yaya and Popi give us annual zoo passes, and we certainly use them. This is the first year for Jacob to be old enough for his own pass. He was sure proud to take his picture and hold his card! One of the best things about having zoo passes is that we don't feel like we have to see all the animals in one day. This trip, we started with the animals we didn't see last time- the amazing reptile house.
Beth LOVED being able to take her own camera and take pictures. She learned a little more about how to use her camera to take pictures for where she was- inside or outside. Surprisingly, when it came to the opportunity for petting a snake, she was interested, but Jacob sure was.
At the end of the exhibit about Texas animals, there's a fun wishing well. When you thrown in a penny, you hear a wild animal sound. I gave them each some pennies, then we tried to guess what animals they were.
Jacob was quite amused by the turkey gobble and wasn't crazy about the jaguar (did you know they live in Texas?).

It was a fun day for just the three of us. I look forward to many more zoo trips- some as a family, some just me and Jacob. We always find adventure and learn new things!