Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Oops, I kinda forgot about a few posts waiting in the wings. Sorry.
Last month, Beth participated in Sparks-a-rama. Sparks is Beth's age level of the AWANA program from church (a great program with Bible lessons, scripture memory and fun games). This is the first year our church took a group to participate in the Sparks game competition.
(my friend and I made the banner!)

It was a LONG day, but the kids had fun. We were at the church, Beth loaded on the bus at 6:30am. Yikes! The leaders fed the kids donuts and kolachies. Yummy! By the time we got to the SMU campus, where the even was held, the kids were anxious to get started.

Poor things, they had to wait a long time, an eternity to their little selves, until their turn. We watched the bigger kids compete in their games. The little kids kept asking if it was time for them. Poor things. It's hard to be little and have to wait so long. The big kids competed in two rounds in the morning. Our group won first place for their area!!!! After lunch, they also moved onto semi-finals and then finals, placing 2nd overall, out of about 30 churches. Way to go kids!
Meanwhile, we took the little ones out for their lunch and to burn off a little energy. It was a nice warm spring day and the silly kids all wanted to sit by the fence in the shade.

After a sermon/presentation, it was finally time for the Sparks to get ready. They were so excited! They played a variety of games of speed, teamwork, balance and just plain fun! For our section, about 6 churches, they placed 2nd. For the overall competition, they placed 4th out of about 20 churches. Not bad for their first competition!After the Spark competition, the bigger kids had their semi-final round. Beth was worn out and hungry. It was a long day for a kid who usually gets a nap. I was out of snacks, the concession stand was closed. She asked to go home. I'm so glad I drove and didn't ride the bus! We made a Mickey-D stop, and she devoured a happy meal. She almost fell asleep, but not quite. It was a fun day. Next year, I'll make sure to pack lots more snacks and a coloring book (I had taken travel games this time, but they got old quick).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Girl

For Beth's birthday dinner and presents, we took her to the American Girl Bistro and store in Dallas. Of course, Natalie (the doll) went with us too. Beth wanted us to all dress nice, specifically that we girls would wear our Easter dresses. It was fun to be dressed nice and do something so special with her.

From the moment we walked in, with her jaw dropped, she was in girl heaven. Everywhere you looked were dolls and clothes and accessories. We walked around, finding some of the things we'd talked about getting (she pre-shopped the catalog). Then, upstairs for our dinner reservation in the Bistro.
Even Natalie had a high chair and menu!
The food was delicious. Beth just couldn't hardly stand waiting until we were all finished. She was ready to go shopping. Don't worry about my handsome guys, they made peww-peww (shooting) sounds to make up for all the girly-ness.
Beth did really well shopping. She had specific things she wanted- a brush and hair do-dads, a pet, and a nightgown. After that, it was decision time, deciding what she wanted most from her spending money. She picked a cute outfit. Only once did I have to steer her away from something she wanted that I knew was coming from grandparents.
Beth brushed and braided (she figured out how last week) Natalie's hair all the way home. Once we got home, she asked if we had regular presents for her. Jacob had a couple gifts for her to unwrap- a game and a movie. I offered to wrap the stuff we just got, but she didn't think that was funny. Instead, we unpacked all her new treasures. What fun!
She has already declared that she'd like to go back next year for her birthday. I imagine that we'll make another trip before then too.

Now, it's officially spring

Spring in Texas means bluebonnets. Once they have arrived, in early April, it starts to feel like spring. I may not mange to have my kiddos pictures taken in a studio as often as I'd like, but I will always have a bluebonnet picture.

The ladybugs were everywhere!

They were bribed with a trip to the playground after bluebonnet pictures, and they were anxious to get over there. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to, and I probably should have waited a little longer on the lighting, but at least I have the pictures.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can it be?

1 month ~~~~~~~~~~ 1 year ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 years

3 years ~~~~~~~~ 4 years ~~~~~~~~ 5 years

6 years old
Oh, my sweet Beth,

Can it really be that you turn 6 today? It just doesn't seem right. Being 6 sounds like such a big girl. I tried and tried to find a way around today- just skip it, not let you have a birthday- but you wouldn't stand for it. What do you think being 6 will be like? I know you're already looking forward to being a first grader, but I want to reflect back on what being 5 meant.

Turning 5 was a big deal. It meant kindergarten, being away from me every day. I'm so glad that you've enjoyed school, enjoyed learning, enjoyed your teacher and classmates. It's been fun to see you learn and practice your cursive writing. I know it's hard work, but you do a great job, when you do your best. Oh, my precious girl, you may not look like me, but I see myself in you. I'm so glad you have a love for reading. I have really enjoyed exploring new books and topics with you. I love that you ask about a word you haven't heard. I hope you always have a love of learning and reading.

I have enjoyed watching you with your brother, seeing how much you love each other. I know that sometimes he bothers you, and you need your alone time. Mostly, you are great with him. He'd do just about anything you tell him to, and you do like to boss him. You do good taking turns playing with girl toys and games then playing with his toys and games. I hope you always love and enjoy time with each other.

You are such a joy for Daddy and me. You are so helpful. Most of the time, you do your chores and extra things without complaining. You have good manners. We started using signs to teach you good manners when you were only 1, and they have stuck with you. It makes us so proud when people tell us how good and well-mannered you are. I know you love to look beautiful on the outside, but being a beautiful and kind girl from the inside is what people like the most. As your heart grows to learn about and love Jesus, we enjoy seeing you understand how loving God affects your actions. You keep me on my toes, wanting to learn and understand more, so I can talk to you about it.

Some things about you haven't changed much. You still love to play stickers, usually stacking them up and just feeling the sticky until the sticky is gone. That started when you were 2. You are a morning person. I can't believe how you can wake up so early, rarely sleeping past 7, and be rip-roarin-ready-to-go as soon as you let your feet touch the floor. Thankfully, you are good about entertaining yourself- playing, reading, coloring- until you hear more of us wake up.

I have really enjoyed you being 5. I look forward to the adventures of you being 6. Happy birthday, my favorite Beth. I love you!

Love, Mommy

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Warning: Long post with lots of pictures
We had A LOT going on with Easter this year, and it was so much fun!
Beth's class egg hunt
Jacob helped me put over 150 eggs out for Beth's class. Then, he got to help Beth's teacher say "ready, set, go" for the kids to take off running. They had so much fun and swooped up the eggs in a fraction of the time it took to put them out. It was also jean and filp flop day- what fun! Then we had a picnic in the gym (instead of blowing away in North Texas wind outside) followed by recess. At recess, another mom brought a baby goat for the class to see and pet. They all waited their turn patiently then back to the playground.
Decorating Eggs
The kids were so excited to decorate the eggs. Once I got everything set up, paint shirts on, instructions given to be very careful, it was time. It went so fast, and they had so much fun! They loved picking the colors, watching them come out pretty, then decorating dry eggs with stickers. It was very nice of them to let Kevin and I decorate a couple eggs too.

The Easter Bunny came!
The eggs were hiding around the living room, and the baskets were filled with treats. Both kids got a Scooby dvd (a current favorite cartoon at our house), fruit snacks, fun socks, chocolate, a pinwheel and another treat. They were thrilled!
Over 100 stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking (tapping his chin) about where those eggs could be

All dressed up
Ready for church, to celebrate and honor the reason for Easter- Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, so that we wouldn't have to. Then, He rose from the dead after three days. How awesome to serve a Risen Lord!

Children's Choir
Beth's children's choir performed Easter songs at the evening service. How awesome to see all these kids learning songs about Jesus and enjoying singing them.
Ok, Dad, are you happy now? :)