Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of First Grade

We'd already taken her supplies on orientation night. Found her new classroom- it's upstairs, super exciting. Found her desk and who she sits by. There were workbooks in the desk! Beth's teacher told us the general plan and how it'll be different from kinder. Beth was thrilled to hear she'll get to take tests and have spelling. I love that girl! A long wait over the weekend (with plenty to do, though) until school started on Monday.

The night before, we picked out her clothes (after a few decision changes). She chose her new black polo and new khaki skort. That skort is a size 8, and I'm not sure the length will make it all year. She's so tall! I like to take her measurements to see how much she grows over the school year. She's starting at 48.5" tall and weighed 54 pounds (I'm not so sure that's right, but we'll go with it).

Bright and early, excited to be starting school. Kevin and Beth have breakfast together while I get her lunch packed and make sure her backpack is ready. Of course, Jacob is up early, too. We got everyone dressed and out the door to arrive just in time. Every morning they start out in the gym (1st-12th grades) with pledges and a prayer. Then, they head to their classes. All these grades are in the same building, less than 75 students total.
Waiting to go upstairs- Beth and a few of her church buddies
Here's Beth's class, all 9 of the first graders. Only 1 is new from kindergarten, but Beth knows her from church. Because of the small, close-knit school, 1st and 2nd grades are together in one room, same teacher. The 2nd graders, 5 of them, are on the other side of the room, facing the opposite direction.
Beth had a great first week. Her classroom job was to feed the pet turtles, and she loved it. While they started with water bottles at their desk, that only lasted a week. Too many trips to the potty! They've started a little work, but she's ready for more. She's come home absolutely worn out- all day with no nap is a big change. I know once her body adjusts, she'll be fine. We're trying to get naps on weekend to catch her up. All in all, we're looking forward to a great year!
Jacob had a hard time on the first day, missing his sister. But, now, he's fine with "just Mommy and Jacob" hanging out.

It's beginning to look a lot like....

getting the stuff ready
(and then, there were 4 tubs of clothes)
JBF time!!!!! It's that time of year again, when I get ready for the biggest consignment sale in Texas, Just Between Friends. Twice a year, I pull out all the clothes and toys and stuff I've stashed away as the kids grew out of it or over it. I clean, sort, package, price and box all these goodies to sell for someone else who's just the right size and age and can't live without it. JBF is THE way to get rid of gently used items and pick up some new fun! The Fort Worth sale is incredible. They're planning this time for about 1000 people who will consign their stuff. Imagine two football fields of clothes, toys and gear you may need or want for children (and maternity), and it's all in there. Literally, there may be 20 of the same baby swing. It's just incredible to see! I love this chance to clean out the closets, toy boxes and garage (where it's been stashed). Then, I get to spend time shopping and hanging out with friends who enjoy JBF as much as I do. So, for the next couple weeks, forgive me as I go into warp mode to get ready and not wait until the last possible minute.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big girl moment #2- Loose Tooth

When Beth was 4, she started asking about when she would lose a tooth. I told her when she was 5, probably while she was in kindergarten. Well, 5 came and went, still no loose tooth. Kindergarten started and finished, still no loose tooth. Poor kid. A couple weeks ago, during her dentist check-up, they told her she had a tooth that was a little loose. Oh, the excitement! Every day, she'd ask me to check how loose it was. We told her to try to be patient, that it would some out when it was ready. I said it would happen before she went to Popi and Yaya's house. Then, the closer her trip got, the more I worried that I'd miss it, that her tooth would come out at Popi and Yaya's house. I didn't want to miss that moment! This last week, she checked out a book at the library about the tooth fairy, wrote the tooth fairy a note (who also wrote one back, telling Beth she would see her soon). The anticipation was too much! While fixing her hair for church Wednesday night (before they were leaving for P&Y the next day), she showed me how she could wiggle it with her tounge. OOOOO!!!! I gave it a wiggle. Yup, it was coming out! I gave it a tug, then Kevin worked on it. That little tooth is so tough to grab with grownup fingers.
Finally, out it came! She didn't whine about it one time. Meanwhile, Jacob says he has a loose tooth, too. Once we got the bleeding stopped and her mouth rinsed out, she couldn't stop grinning. I don't think I've ever seen a smile so big.
We got her tooth ready and into the special tooth fairy bear. Grandma gave Beth that bear, I think when she got her first tooth. That night, we tucked the bear under the corner of her pillow. We talked about how much she might get and that it was the first tooth, making it extra special. She was ready to get to sleep!
Sure enough, the tooth fairy came through! A $5 bill! Lucky girl! She was so proud and excited that she got $5 for her special first tooth. She's looking forward to loosing another one already. It won't be long- the next tooth over is already loose.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Big girl moment #1- The Sleepover

Kevin and I have talked for a while about when Beth would be old enough to have a friend sleepover. We decided to give it a go. I talked "what if" with Beth- who would she invite, what would they do, would they be nice to Jacob, etc. Little did she know I already made plans for her buddy Faith (who she would have chosen to invite). Faith's mom talked to Faith about keeping it a secret and about sleeping over. They worked out what she would bring- her sleeping bag so she didn't fall off the bed, lots of blankets and pillows, her little game player, etc. Finally, the day arrived. I had Beth clean her room extra good, I kept telling her "no" to getting involved in this or that, all while we were waiting for her friend to arrive. FINALLY, the doorbell rang! I let Beth answer the door when she saw who it was. She asked Faith, "what are you doing here?". Faith had to tell Beth twice that she was staying the night. The look on Beth's face was priceless!

It didn't take long before they were off and playing. Jacob loves all his sister's friends, so I asked the girls to play with Jacob a little, too, and I would give them alone time later. They kindly obliged. They had so much fun playing together. Once they got just girl time, they played each other's game things, made pipe cleaner crafts, got their sleeping bags ready and got jommies on. I settled in with Jacob for a movie, and they eventually came to join us. Faith looked like she was about to crash, so bedtime for all. Even after stories and lights out, the girls giggled for at least an hour. It was so hard to fall asleep for them! Despite the late bedtime, they were up before 7am. I was already looking forward to naptime! I made pancakes for breakfast- they each got their first initial for a pancake shape. It wasn't long before they were full and ready to play. It's a long time of togetherness, all three kids were being testy with each other, so I knew it was time to take Faith home. They really did have a great time together and look forward to another one. Next, Beth will spend the night at Faith's house. Such big girl stuff!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

He makes me smile

While Jacob is full of energy from sun-up to sun-down, challenging me to stay on my toes, he provides some great moments of entertainment.

We recently went to a birthday party at the zoo. When we came back to their house for cake and such, Jacob made himself right at home.
He and his buddy, Mr. Joe got comfy

Can't you just hear the laughter?
Look at his veins popping in his neck because he laughs so hard.

This is a rare moment of calm and quiet. Also a rare moment when I see myself in Jacob (who resembles his Daddy in MANY ways)