Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ride, Jacob, Ride

Jacob is very much a physically active and adventurous little boy.  We decided to take the training wheels off his bike, to see what he could do.  He was pretty nervous to get on the bike.  It took a little bit before he understood the difference in how it felt without the extra wheels.  Once he was convinced that Kevin wouldn't let him go, he was ready to give it a try.
He alternated between giggles and panic.  If he felt the bike lean a little, he'd let go of the bike and grab Kevin's arm.  He took a couple breaks, learning how to leave his bike since it didn't stand on its own anymore.
Beth was pretty happy to ride around all over the park area.  Hard to believe it was just last summer she was learning this skill just last summer.  Now, she's all over the place and fast!
So, a few attempts, and Kevin managed to briefly let go of the bike.  When we told Jacob he did it, he was pretty proud.  It's a pretty awesome moment to watch!
I bet with a couple more days out there practicing, he'll have it down and be speeding everywhere!