Friday, August 8, 2014

In summerrrrrrrrr! ~ Olaf

As our summer comes to a close, I marvel at how time flies so much faster now than when I was young.  The kids are older, which means more we can do and be involved in, and boy did we pack our summer!  We made a list of about 30 things we wanted to do this summer.  I know we didn't do all of them, maybe half.  Still, I don't think there were any complaints of being bored.

The kids got a week at each set of grandparents.  Lots of adventures and fun.  We parents sure enjoyed the break, too.
The kids participated in all the summer reading programs we found.  Jacob read nearly 20 hours, and Beth read 47 hours.  I'm so proud of them.  Better yet, the prizes are earned, and they're still reading like crazy.  For our family summer reading, we enjoyed Old Yeller.  They enjoyed the story, and Beth saw similarities to Where the Red Fern Grows, that she read for school last year.  I'm hoping my VHS copy and VCR work to show the kids the movie version of Old Yeller. 
We had pool time- both in the neighborhood and the little backyard pool.

I ran a 5k.  I realized my app wasn't calibrated correctly, as it told me I had run 4+ miles.  I am still proud that I tried something new and plan to do it again.

We took a little, quick trip to San Antonio.  Took in some history and some fun.  I am so proud that these kiddos love to do both with little complaint (heat and hunger).
On the way home, Jacob lost his first tooth.  He's super proud!

I helped chaperone Pre-teen camp for church.  We took 42 kids, and I did my best to embarrass my daughter (like any good parent should).  Best of all, 6 of those kiddos chose to ask Jesus into their hearts. 
Other simple things we managed to do: check out a little play museum in town, eat ice cream, snag a bonus visit to the grandparents, ride the golf cart around, Vacation Bible School and some other odds and ends.  It was a good few months.  I love sharing moments and adventures with the kids.
Next week, back to school.