Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Patch, take 2

I decided that I "needed" more pictures of the kids from the pumpkin patch. Luckily, there was one just down the road. Gotta love getting all dressed (at least an hour for all of us total) to just go look at some pumpkins so Mom could get some pictures.

Beth was determined to find her own pumpkin. BUT, she was being 4, so I decided for her. She also found the unique gourds and veggies.
Jacob kept saying "ball" and trying to get to the ditch
My gorgeous kiddos!

PS- Jen, thanks for picking up Beth's shirt for me :)
It's from this great store in Waco, I'm Yours where the store prices are WAY better than online.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beth's modeling debut- pictures

Pathetic, but I snapped pictures of the actual pictures so you could see them. She's gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Beth, Austyn (the other blond) and Ariana (the red head) had so much fun playing and giggling. Enjoy!

The Studio in Burleson- Patti and Alyssa- they do great work!

Hooded towels- a how to

Don'tcha just hate it when those wimpy baby hooded towels get too small? I do! Back when Beth was a baby, my friend Christie found an idea to use regular towels to make hooded towels. Woohoo! Double jackpot, Foley's was closing and towels were on clearance. I made 2 for Beth, which she still uses. I have had questions and compliments on them for years. SO, it was time to make some for Jacob. I decided that I would share the "how-to" with anyone who cares. No, you don't have to have amazing sewing abilities (I don't), and it really is super easy.

1. You'll need 2 regular towels and 1 hand towel.

2. Cut the hand towel in half. Take one half, fold in half with the raw edges together, sew along the raw edges. On the fancy end of the hand towel, fold it under the hood a couple inches and stich down. I used a zigzag stich to make it look a little fancier.
3. Take your big towel, fold it in half (hamburger style- yes, I was a teacher) and mark it with a pin in the center.
4. Pin the sew raw seam where you marked the middle of the big towel. Then, keeping pinning on both sides of hand towel until it's attached along the side of the big towel. Stich along the pinned side. Watch out for the seams of the towel- they're pretty thick (I broke a needle the first time).
5. That's it, it's that easy! Here are my finished products- I played with monogramming on my machine, the fancy zigzag stiching and the finished towell. Oh, and these are the Thomas OBrian towels from Target, luxuriously soft!
If you have questions, feel free to ask, I'll try to help you if you want to make your own. No, I'm not making them for you. No, I won't make them and sell them. I have enough to do :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

My name is Laura, I have a problem, sorda

Hahaha! I found this quiz on line about how addicted to blogging you are. I guess I'm not as bad as I thought. Whew!

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

Friday, October 24, 2008

This is why I stay home

I decided to get the camera out and just have some fun taking pictures of the kids being kids the last couple days. Beth took a turn with the camera too.
My time at home with them is so precious, and I know these days go quickly.
I'm so thankful that I'm able to be the one taking care of them,
seeing the milestones,
(where's your hair?)
watching them play,
Where's Jacob? Peek-a-boo! and My dancing queen
watching them blossom into people,
seeing their relationship develop
and experiencing all the joys and trials of being a mommy.
How could I ask for more than this?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

We went with our Mom's Club friends to Country Critters Farm for the annual Pumpkin Patch. Last year, a front had just blown through, so it was cold and WINDY! I had itty bitty Jacob tied to me and wrapped in my coat. This year, a front was supposed to be blowing through, so we all dressed in pants and long sleeves with jackets. Um, it was hot. However, I drove through the front on the way home and have since been enjoying open windows and fall weather.
Ok, back to the farm thing.

the unsuspecting goats

in the maze

having difficultly choosing one

The kiddos got to bounce on bounce houses (totally normal at a farm, right), pet goats, go for a tractor ride and a "hay ride" (only there was no hay), pick a pumpkin, listen to a story, have a picnic, go through a maze and just have fun.

Moms Club friends

A few things I learned on our trip: Cheap umbrella strollers aren't fun over farm terrain. One year old boys like to hit goats, not pet them. Getting 2 kids to sit still for a nice punkin patch picture is impossible for 1 person alone.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

She's a star, again

A few weeks ago, my friend Alyssa asked for Beth to be a "model" for some sample pictures at the photo studio she works at- The Studio in Burleson. Of course I said yes. The photo shoot was Beth, her blond friend Austyn and her red-head friend Ariana. They had a "slumber party". The girls wore jommies, dressed up, had pillows and stuffed animals, ate popcorn. Just all around cuteness. They had so much fun too. This week, I got to go look at the pictures and pick my freebies. Oh, that was fun. While I don't have access to show you all the pics, and there were tons, I do have a link for you. Beth is in the intro slide show and in the Children section. When I get my actual pictures, hopefully I can show you. Yes, Mom, Charlotte, Casey and Kheli, I have pics for you :)

Click here-

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got searched!

Ok, so I haven't checked with my spy tool in a while. Today, I remembered, and I was searched! The keywords searched were "first haircut" and "overalls". Hmm, now I need to go find where I posted about overalls- I so don't remember.

In other excitement, I found a scorpion in my bathroom a couple nights ago. SCARY! Jacob was on the floor playing, I picked up the towell, and there it was. Of course, J reached for it, and I yanked him up so fast, I hurt his little arm. I killed it and flushed it. No, Pam, I didn't think to take pictures of creatures like you do. The next morning, I called the bug people, and they came to respray. I don't walk into my bathroom or closet without a light on now. Scary!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

First haircut

Today was the day for getting Jacob's first haircut. I picked Sport Clips to give them a try. Great guy place to go with sports on tvs at the stations and tons of sports stuff (decor isn't a manly word) hanging everywhere. I was ready to have some sense to Jacob's hair, but not sure how this would go. Heck, Beth was 3 before she had her first hair cut!

Jacob sat in my lap since I knew he couldn't sit still on his own. We were both draped in the capes. Sarah, Jacob's stylist, got started wetting that crazy hair. He wasn't too sure about it.

It took effort from Beth, Kevin AND me to keep Jacob facing the right way while Sarah cut his hair. Plus the paci and some goldfish. Now, Jacob has the patience of his father, and this was taking too long. He never cried, but he did swat Sarah's hand away once.

Finally, it was finished. Not perfect, but so handsome. Sarah put some gel in to style the stick up. Jacob wasn't too sure about that either. But, he was sooo happy to be done and just wanted to get down.

Here's my handsome little guy with his stylin 'do!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Talks about God

Beth and I have been having some great chats about God lately. His omnipresence (that He's everywhere), His omniscence (that He knows everything) and His abounding love.

I love the amazement in her voice as she tries to understand that He is everywhere she looks, that He created everything. She'll ask about things He's made or not- people, clothes, witches (she's been watching a Halloween show), houses, trees.... She's learning that God created people, and sometimes people make things.

Even more awesome to her is that God knows everything and sees everything. She just can't understand how He knows everything she's doing and how many hairs are on her head. And, she likes to make sure that God does the same for everyone else. We mostly explain it as He loves us so much that he wants to know everything about us. Now, I tell her I love her, but I don't know the number of hairs on her head, so God is pretty smart.

When Beth prays, it may be a little goofy, but is the most sincere prayer I've ever heard. Oh, if grown-ups prayed like that, with all abandon of fancy words or what we should say... Ok, so last night was a great one "Dear God, thank you for our food. And thank you for my brother Jacob, I love him. Thank you for my daddy, I love him. Thank you for my mommy, I love her. Thank you for me, I love me. Thank you for my food. Amen" Priceless!

Monday, October 6, 2008

1 Soap Credit

Jacob has earned 1 eating soap credit to be cashed in when he's older. Kevin left the bar of soap on the side of the tub. Jacob, being a curious little boy, picked it up and tasted it. GROSS! Thing is, I was in the other room when he did this. I didn't know until I walked through and saw the soap on the floor. Worst part- he took many tastes of it. I can only imagine his face as he tasted and tasted again. Sadly, if the soap were left there again, I have a feeling he'd taste it again.

Found- soap at a baby's eye level

Look at all those taste marks (more on the other side)
Washing things down with juice

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Star of the show, no really

Beth's first performance under Frances Lea Dance was yesterday, at Grace Luthern's Fall Festival. This girl loves to dance! She's been practicing nearly every day since we got a cd with her class' songs. She got to wear the overalls from San Antonio (which, by the way, my friend and I made/decorated 13 pairs of overalls) and fancy socks instead of tights. Oh, what a great day for that girl!

Ok, here she is, front and center- because she's the tallest or the cutest or the best? You decide!

In other dance news, she's thinking about quitting dance and signing up for soccer. I'm trying to change her mind. She LOVES dancing. I don't think she'll like getting sweaty and the whole game that is soccer. But, we'll see. We've paid for October, and by golly, she's going to finish October.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Outdoor adventures

A couple weekends ago, Kevin and Beth decided to camp out in the back yard. Honestly, we weren't sure it would last long since Beth is such a girly girl. They worked together to put up the tent and get everything ready inside.

Beth got to pick 2 games to play and a few books they'd read together. Of course, she took her flashlight too.

At about 4am, I heard a knock on the door- potty time. Kevin just knew she'd want to go to her own bed, but she was waiting at the door for him so they could go back out. At about 7:30am I went to check on them, and they were just waking up. Kevin thought surely, now, Beth would want to go inside. Nope, she wanted to play games again.
What a fun adventure for them! They plan to camp out again. One of these days, I look forward to Jacob being part of it too, then I'll get the whole house to myself all night. :)