Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conversation with Jacob

I found this little questionare for kids thing through Pinterest. (Oh my, so many ideas there! Proudly, I've used about 5 that I've pinned!)

Here are the questions and Jacob's answers. I love the peek into his busy little mind!
What's your name? Jacob
How old are you? 4
What is your favorite color? blue and green
What do want to be when you're all grown up? an Indian, no, umm..... a Cowboy (said with complete Texas twang)
Who is your best friend? Beth. No, Jaxson and Jonas. And Jesus.
What is your favorite movie? Mulan
What is your favorite book? Daniel and the Lion's Den (what we read last night)
What makes you happy? When a friend plays nice with me
What makes you sad? When nobody plays with me
What is your most favorite food to eat? Lots of things (which means a sectioned plate with something in every section- stick cheese, lunchmeat ham, cheese nips or goldfish, yogurt or peaches or grapes and a dessert- candy or thin mints or brownie)
What is your favorite song to sing? (and dance/act out) I'll Make A Man Out of You (from Mulan)
What games do you like to play? Guess Who and Sorry