Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is she ready?

Kevin decided that this summer, now that she's 5, Beth would learn to ride her bike without training wheels. The parking lot by the neighborhood park was a great place to start her first lesson (since the sidewalk and driveway we have are too sloped). She's still a little wobbly, but she had a few moments of riding on her own.
Jacob and I hung out at the car, so we could watch her. Then, we all went to play at the park. Though not for long, it was hot!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zoo trip, part 1

Kevin had some time off, and we decided to take a family trip to the zoo. We tried to get there in time to see the hippo feeding at 10am, but we literally just missed it. Boy, they eat fast! We still had lots of fun seeing animals. Jacob is finally at an age that he knows what he's seeing. He was so quiet and mesmorized by the animals. Have I mentioned that I love my zoom lens?

We did make the penguin feeding. It was stinky! Jacob has the cutest waddle like a penguin as he showed us the sign for penguin. We've been practicing the sign language and sounds for lots of animals. It was neat to see/hear him actually use them at the zoo. The cow was one of Jacob's favorites, but it never moved. Oh well. Then, a patient (hmph!) wait in line for the carousel. Beth loved it, Jacob tolerated it for about half the ride.

It was hot, but we still had lots of fun. Beth was fascinated by the reptile house, especially seeing which animals were poisonous. There's a REALLY big snake in the front of the reptile house that reminds me of Cuddles, the big snake my aunt and uncle had when I was younger. Jacob liked looking for turtles and "doc-dulls" (crocodiles) in the reptile house- yes, there was glass there.

It was a good trip. Before we left, Kevin let the kids each get a treat in the gift shop. Beth picked a stuffed gorilla- "Gigi". Jacob got a set of animals. He loves them! I love time together, making great memories and forgetting about chores for a while.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Pinkaliscious!

I know I promised this post weeks ago, but I had to wait patiently for hubby to have a break from work, when kids weren't napping, that he could hang the paintings on the wall.

I had told Beth that we would paint her room first. Finally, a Saturday when we didn't have anything going on. Kevin kept Jacob out of our way all day (thank you honey!). Right after breakfast, we got dressed and off to the hardware store to get the paint supplies. Beth was super excited (and I was too). Since I had used Friday night to do all the prep work, we got right to painting once we got home. Beth had so much fun! She was concerned that the paint didn't look very dark. Once it dried, she was happier. She was also pretty sad that she couldn't help with the light pink on the top, but I didn't like the idea of her on a ladder with paint.
Finally, the pink was finished. Now, we had to get the green loops painted. Plus, we had to get the room put back together that night before Kevin headed out of town. Oh my!
Kevin was such a huge help once the kids were in bed. Those loops were hard to do and certainly not a job for just one person. A few touch ups, then we were finally putting the room back together about 1am. We were worn out! But, it was gorgeous! Beth was so excited to see her room- she called it Pinkaliscious!
Here's the wall with the canvas paintings, including the custom one that I won. I think I'm going to attach a ribbon to the one Misty painted. I just love the way they all look together, absolutely perfect! (Forgive the lack of flash- I didn't realize it was turned off).

I think we'll save painting Jacob's room for when he gets a big-boy bed. And, Kevin said Jacob's room would just be one color :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a clown!

Oh, that silly Jacob! He's so much like his daddy- charming and entertaining. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I know, what's new? You want stories and pictures. Ok, so really only my parents and sister care that I haven't updated lately. I don't have a clue where this week went. I never seem to have enough time in a day! I assure you that I have lots of posts to come. I promise to spend time on those this week. Really. Here's my blog plan: Beth's fabulous room with the fabulous canvas painting I won, 2 zoo trips, more time back "home" with family, Father's Day.....
So, until then, I have chores to do :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh the things you can see

While "vacationing" at my parents, I've seen some interesting things, so I thought I'd make it my randomness this week.

1. How can people get into an accident on the freeway? I mean, isn't everyone going the same direction, at about the same speed? So, then, why did I see two cars that managed to be turned sideways, t-boned by yet another car? Yup, still haven't figured that out.
2. How can someone surf while smoking? Yup, saw that at the beach today. The guy also had a mullet hair-do, so it's not like he was making great choices :)
3. Why are there still blue Fema tarps on roofs, 10 months after hurricane Ike? Why hasn't Ike devestation and recovery gotten the media coverage it deserves? It just really saddens me that people still haven't gotten contractors to get roofs and homes repaired. Things have changed on the coast. Major landmarks have been forever altered- the 61st street McD was buldozed, among other places. SOOO many trees and plants never blosomed/bloomed. Usually, driving into Glaveston, there are beautiful oleander bushes, but not this time. I didn't drive around anymore.
4. Did you know that when a little boy eats a rock, he walks funny until he gets rid of it? Trust me on this one. Poor guy. I'd like to think he won't eat another rock, but I'm not counting on it.
5. Why is it okay to advertise, with large pictures, in store windows where people of all ages and both genders pass, gorgeous models in skimpy bras and panties? Isn't this essentially porn in any other media outlet? And yet, people turn the other cheek in the name of "advertising. What a shame!

Friday, June 12, 2009

We *heart* the beach!

While my sister is in visiting, we timed a visit to my parents at the same time. Since we can't visit the coast without a visit to the beach, that was the plan for the morning of the first day. We had so much fun, got too much sun, wore ourselves out and smiled as much as any person can in one day.
We chased birds, hoping to catch just one, laughing out loud at their squawk
We jumped and rode the waves

We played in the sand
And the water
And just enjoyed spending time together

Beth loved the water the most, especially "surfing". Jacob loved the sand and wouldn't hardly stay still. Should we ever move close to the coast again, I think we'll take advantage of the beach more than we did before. Then again, places like this are always more adventurous and exciting through the eyes of a child, aren't they? Good stuff, good stuff!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Randomness, part 2

So, here I am again, with random thoughts in my head. Sometimes, more than one of these a day. Scary!

1. Am I wrong to be annoyed by whistling? I have always disliked whistling. Beth has learned how to whistle. This week, she's been whistling almost more than talking. That's ALOT. I want desperately to make her stop. But, I have to be a good mommy, encouraging her, telling her she's getting better and louder. And, maybe, just maybe, one day she can whistle like Yaya. Yaya has one of those whistles I could hear 5 houses away when I was playing, the whistle that told me "get home now, or else." I can't whistle, though Beth has tried to teach me. Maybe that's why I'm so annoyed.

2. How can potty humor be such a boy thing from so early? Jacob will toot/fart then tell me "poopoo". I ask if he's poopoo or just rooty-tooty. Then he'll say "tooty" and cover his mouth while laughing. Geez!

3. Can I buy a filter for my brain? I've realized lately that my mouth says or my fingers type things in my head, without really thinking through the words. I know it doesn't always come out the way it should. I'm working on it, though. If I've offended you along the way, I'm very sorry.

4. Why, the older I get, does my birthday turn into just another day, full of the same usual tasks, and it totally doesn't bother me? Birthdays used to be the best thing ever. Now, not so much. Not that I dread it, just don't really get worked up. The gifts are fabulous! Having someone else cook and clean is fantastic! Still, that's about all I need. This year, we have a day of church activities to attend, and I'm perfectly content. Life is good.

5. Why do my children wake up as soon as the sun is peeking over the horizon? Why can't I get to bed early enough to get enough sleep that their waking up early doesn't phase me? I'll get it figured out. Probably just in time for them to start sleeping late. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thanks, honey!

Christmas 1999

We met in college. He said he saw me across the bar- I don't know how, it was crowded. We talked at a party that same night. Actually, he talked, and talked, and talked. Hard to believe, isn't it? After I left, he gave his number to the hostess, who had a class with me. About a week later, I found the number in my backpack and called out of boredom. He was making his dinner when I called- corn dogs and tater tots. I didn't give him my number. He thought I was playing girl-games with him, but I just wasn't sure about him yet. I called him a week later, and felt safe enough to go out on a date, July 4. He showed up on time and opened the car door- he was earning major points. We saw Armageddon (the song from that movie, but Mark Chesnut's version, was our first dance at our wedding). We were pretty much smitten after that, or at least I was. One day at his apartment, we were watching a movie- 101 Dalmatians, I think,- and my heart fluttered when he asked if he could hold my hand. It wasn't long after that, I knew he was the one for me. He charmed my mom (still does) and was (is) so much like my dad. We both had the same goals and plans for our lives. We were engaged in February 1999. We got married June 3, 2000. His kisses still make my heart flutter.

So, in honor of our 9 years together, here are things to be thankful for about our lives together

9 jobs/businesses we've had between the two of us
8 times (at least) one of us has wished the other one wasn't so stubborn :)
7 cars/trucks we've driven
6 - June, the month of our anniversary and my birthday, both of which Kevin always remembers
5 years I've fallen more in love with him than before, watching him be a father
4 cameras to capture all life's moments
3 different houses we've raised our family in
2 gorgeous children
1 lifetime commitment
Happy 9th anniversary honey! Here's to 99 more!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I've struggled with this in more than one way. I've wondered about putting my thoughts to print. I can't believe my baby girl is about to go to kindergarten. I mean, I knew it was coming, but it wasn't real until kindergarten round-up. Her turning 5 didn't hit me as emotionally as kindergarten enrollment. I made my appointment with the school. We signed her up. She's so excited about being in school. She wanted to start immediately. Ever since we knew the day was coming, I've had pro and con lists running in my head- homeschool vs. public vs. private. That's a lot to think about! Trust me, it's a lot. So much that I deleted all my thoughts at fear of being long-winded. After we'd attended the public school enrollment thing, my heart was still tugged that I wasn't 100% sure. Kevin and I did lots of talking and listing and praying. How blessed we are that we have a choice- within our family, within this country- as to where we send our child to school! I'm so glad it's not a matter of "if" she goes to school. Friday, we enrolled Beth in the Christian school at our church. I'm relieved. I know that she will get a great education. I feel confident in knowing she will be loved and encouraged by the staff- they already know and love her. She has church friends and a mom-club friend who will be in her class (which right now has 10 students). She will attend half-day, so we'll still have afternoons to rest and spend time together. Now, I haven't told her about the uniforms yet, but I know it won't be a problem- she gets to wear skirts and dresses.