Saturday, June 16, 2012

My dad

I found a little interview about dads (thanks Pinterest) and knew the kids would love answering the questions.  Here's what they think of their dad.
My dad is ___ years old
     Beth: 35
     Jacob: 24
My dad weighs ___ pounds
     Beth: 127
     Jacob: 35
My dad's favorite color is ___
     B: blue
     J: blue
My dad's favorite super hero is ___
    both: Batman
My dad always says ____
     B: "Go clean your room"
     J: "Be quiet"
My dad's job is ___
     B: to take care of us
     J: working
First thing in the morning, my dad ____
     B: wakes me up
     J: says "good morning"
My dad laughs when I ___
     B: say something weird
     J: do funny things
My dad's favorite food is ___
     B: BBQ
     J: guacamole, and salad with yucky stuff
I love my dad because ___
     B: he loves me
     J: he works and I'm gladful for that

For the most part, they've got a pretty good idea about their daddy.  Without a doubt, they are some lucky kiddos to have a daddy who loves them so much and takes good care of our family.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A birthday to remember

Beth managed to extend her 8th birthday celbration quite a bit.  And loved every minute of it.
1. Popi and Yaya came to visit and took her shopping for gifts.  She got clothes and shoes.  Such a girl!!!
2. Celebrated with lunch at Cinderella Castle on birthday day (more coming on that soon)
3. Presents from Mom and Dad and Jacob- just what she wanted
4. Birthday mini-party.  Just Beth's best friend, Faith, came along for a day of fun- movie, out to dinner, Build A Bear, then a stop for ice cream, followed by a sleepover.  Whew!
5. Grandma and Grandpa came up to celebrate, and even brought a cake!
All this celebrating was about a month long.  What fun!

I can't believe how fast time is going.  It seems just yesterday, she was this little 4 year old, such a sweet little punkin.
Now, here she is, 8.  EIGHT!  She has grown so much, inside and out.  She is as tall as the average 10 year old.  Her hair has turned wavy.  She is compassionate and empathetic.  She is a bossy big sister (and most of the time, he takes it well).  But, she is also a very loving big sister.  She loves to play school, teaching him to read and fun little songs. She loves books, of all kinds.  It's been fun for me to pull out the last tub of books I have from my teacher days, getting a stack out for her that she's big enough to read now.
I have sure enjoyed the blessing God gave us in this sweet girl.  I look forward to seeing how He will use her for his glory!