Friday, August 19, 2011

2nd grade

Well, my big girl is a 2nd grader. Today completed her first week, and she loved every minute.

We ordered uniforms and picked up some at a local store (limited choices). I bought size 8/10. She's so tall- the long legs she got from me! She's starting the school year at 52 inches tall and 64 pounds. We got some new shoes- size 1 and 1.5 (thanks for the sparkly ones, Popi and Yaya). We got all the supplies on the list (Jamie, shop the sales and use coupons!). We got Beth's hair cut. Mrs. Ashley cut 5 inches off and thinned it out some. I think that's only helped Beth's wave and fullness come out more.

About a week before school started, we found out she would have Mrs. Archer as her teacher. Previously, Mrs. Archer has taught PreK4, so this was a big change, but we were pretty excited. All but one student from last year has returned. Beth is still in a combined class of 1st and 2nd grades, a total of 13 kids. We went to Meet the teacher night last week, and Beth was just giddy with excitement to be heading back to school. I love that joy in her!!!

So, day 1 of second grade. She woke up early, tried a couple things for breakfast, I packed her lunch, we rolled her hair, and she put on her new uniforms. She really wanted to wear her pants the first day, but it's still over 100 degrees, so I knew she'd be too hot. I think she looked adorable! Jacob also got new shoes, so he wanted in the picture too.

We all took her to school together. She was so happy to sit in her desk for a picture. She's right up front for now. Then, she was into the chapel for morning assembly as we left. She was so excited that she didn't so much as look back.

Jacob was so ready for me to go pick up Beth when school was out. He'd sure missed his sister! She was a tired girl, but had a great day. They had 3 recesses and learned about the rules and stuff. To celebrate the first day of school, Beth chose dinner at Peter Piper Pizza. We all had fun playing games and spening time together.

Already this week, her class had visited the library, started review seatwork, and had lots of recess (inside and out). Next week, she's already looking forward to "Mexican Monday" in the cafeteria.

Time is sure flying by fast! It won't be long before Jacob will be starting school. In the meantime, I'll keep teaching him things at home. While he gets bored and distracted easily, he does love to do "lessons". I hope that joy of learning stays with him.