Monday, December 13, 2010

A Visit to Santa

Jacob and I had some shopping to do at the mall one day. We talked about Santa, discussed what Jacob would say, walked by him only to have Jacob hide and not so much as wave. That's okay, maybe he'll be ready when we go back with Beth. Beth makes him a little braver.

Find a day that Kevin was in town, pick up Beth from school, let her change clothes and off we went. There was no line!!!!!! We got our letters out, got close to the entrance, and Jacob shut down. He wasn't going for it, no way, didn't want to go with Beth, didn't want to give him the letter, nothing. So here's Jacob's 2010 Santa pic:

Beth was excited, though. She walked right up, hopped on his lap and had a great conversation. They talked about her wish list, how she'd behaved this year and about her silly brother. I love the magic of Christmas through her eyes!

After we got a picture, I did manage to convince Jacob to give Santa the letter in exchange for a coloring book. Still, he wouldn't talk to him. (I know, I forgot to take a picture of the letter, but it wasn't amazing since I wrote it- a Handy Manny workbench and a monster truck). However, he perked right up for the ride-on machines right next to Santa's station. Little stinker!
I'm hoping next year will be the perfect year. Beth will still believe in Santa's magic, and Jacob won't be scared. Like I said, hoping.

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Fred said...

I'm smiling so big!!!