Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just keep swimming

The last two weeks, we've had the kids in swim lessons. They're having a blast and are worn out come bedtime. It's been great! We signed up for group lessons and ended up with private lessons. Pretty cool for the kiddos!

Beth is learning swim strokes and leg moves. She's so much braver than she was last summer. I guess it's because she's 7. She does really well with the back stroke. While she's doing better, she still need some self-confidence that she knows what to do. Her instructor had us get goggles, thinking it would help with the under water stuff, so Beth wouldn't be so worried about where she was going. It helped a little today.

Jacob is such a nut! From the minute he gets in the water, he's grinning. He wouldn't swallow so much water if he'd close his mouth! He doesn't like to go under water, but he's learning to handle it. The teacher makes him go under water a few times before he gets the noodle he's anxiously wanting to play with. He can swim a little on his own, doggie paddle style, but he "whines" the whole time. He's learning some moves with his legs. His favorite arm move is "chicken-airplane-rocket".

Hopefully we'll get lots more water time this summer, building their confidence and practicing skills.

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