Saturday, July 30, 2011

The reason you have kids

is so they can do the chores. Or, at least that's what I teased my mom about when I was growing up and doing chores.

I decided I had to suck up my type A personality and let the kids start some real chores around the house. Best thing is, they love it (for now)!

Jacob has been setting the table for a while, but now he gets to put away clean silverware. Cleaning up toys and his room are also on his regular chore list. He likes to help me clean the floor, but I don't count on that being a complete job. Now, if I ask Beth to do something, he asks if I have a chore for him.

Beth, being older, has more that she's expected to help with. Most recently, I've handed over the unloading of most of the dishwasher. I will also let her load the dishwasher. Her other chores beyond cleaning up her room and toys- getting drinks ready for meals, clearing the table, recycling the cans/bottles. Occasionally, she'll help clean the floor and dust.

They will sometimes help with laundry as well, if they're around when I am working on it. I know it's important to teach them how to take care of a home and themelves so they can one day be responsible adults. I count my blessings that they enjoy helping Mommy!

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