Saturday, June 16, 2012

My dad

I found a little interview about dads (thanks Pinterest) and knew the kids would love answering the questions.  Here's what they think of their dad.
My dad is ___ years old
     Beth: 35
     Jacob: 24
My dad weighs ___ pounds
     Beth: 127
     Jacob: 35
My dad's favorite color is ___
     B: blue
     J: blue
My dad's favorite super hero is ___
    both: Batman
My dad always says ____
     B: "Go clean your room"
     J: "Be quiet"
My dad's job is ___
     B: to take care of us
     J: working
First thing in the morning, my dad ____
     B: wakes me up
     J: says "good morning"
My dad laughs when I ___
     B: say something weird
     J: do funny things
My dad's favorite food is ___
     B: BBQ
     J: guacamole, and salad with yucky stuff
I love my dad because ___
     B: he loves me
     J: he works and I'm gladful for that

For the most part, they've got a pretty good idea about their daddy.  Without a doubt, they are some lucky kiddos to have a daddy who loves them so much and takes good care of our family.