Saturday, December 7, 2013

Icemageddon 2013

Yes, the weathermen are calling this ice storm "Icemageddon."  While it is beautiful to look at outside, it's cold and slick.  Kevin came in from a work trip and had to park on a more level part of the street, since our driveway is frozen and steep.
For about 10 minutes at a time, we got a little outside time.  The kids were fascinated by the ice everywhere.  The "ice skated" in the yard, tried to make "ice angels" and just happily ran around.
I love the juxtaposition of fall and winter.
 The most fun they've had was "sledding" down the driveway on the recycling box lid.  Giggles, squeals, and a little whining when they put their hands down in the small stream of melting ice on the street.  But, SO much fun!
Thankfully, we've also enjoyed some warm inside time, snuggling by the fire.  It was kinda nice to keep the television off yesterday.  Instead, we read books, played games and just hung out.  Today, more games, more reading, baking cookies, indoor picnic and watching Christmas movies.
We were planning a great visit with Yaya and Popi, but we've had to postpone it.  Church even got canceled this weekend, postponing the kids' Christmas play.  We are really looking forward to this ice melting!

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