Sunday, June 15, 2014

What's been happening?

While I've been away from blogging...
Jacob turned 6.  How did that happen?  My sweet boy is more fun every year!  He's quite a funny, smart, lovable boy.  I'm thankful God gave him to us!
We enjoyed an amazing family vacation!  Disney for us is the only place we can go where we feel totally disconnected from the "real world".  The kids are getting bigger and braver, riding new rides.  Thankfully, they know which ones to let Mommy just watch.
Beth played Upwards basketball with our church.  She really enjoyed herself.  I was proud of her learning something new.  By the end of the season, she was really becoming competitive and leading/bossing her teammates.  She's looking forward to playing next season.
Beth turned 10.  Ten!  She was so proud to be double-digits.  She is becoming a beautiful young lady, inside and out. 
We took her, along with her best friend to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate.  A lovely cold front, with freezing rain, also came that weekend.  Made for an interesting thought- swimming (thankfully indoors) while it was literally freezing outside.
Beth started her first round of orthodontics.  How are we old enough for this already?!  Back when I did braces, orthodontists pulled teeth to make room.  For Beth, they're just moving things to make room.  She's enjoyed meals of mashed potatoes and oatmeal when her mouth hurts.

Jacob finished his fall soccer season and played spring soccer (season #4).  He's really learning from his great coach how to control the ball.  That boy is FAST!  Sometimes he's faster than the ball!

The kids participated in children's choir at church, both in the fall and spring.  They are naturals on stage!  Beth gets totally into her part, full on drama.  Jacob loves the music and has been known to randomly sing and dance in the middle of a store.  I love that they love glorifying Jesus with their talents! Beth has started taking voice lessons, and she looks forward to it every week.  Jacob continue to take piano lessons.  I am amazed at how much he's learned, and he's only 6!

While these are the highlights, there was plenty to keep up busy all year.  One super-special event will get it's own post soon.

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