Wednesday, February 24, 2010

JBF time!

So, you may have been wondering where I've been and why I haven't been posting. I've been busy getting ready for the big spring JBF sale. Just Between Friends is the most amazing consignment sale for anyone with kids. The Fort Worth sale is the 2nd largest in the franchise. Can you imagine over 45,000 square feet of space, FULL of any and every item you could need or want for your kids? It's incredible! Here's a local news story and mini fashion show with amazing JBF deals. I love that I can clean out the kids' toy boxes and closets twice a year for this sale! Only to fill them back up :)
These are a few shots of the amazing amounts of stuff offered at JBF. All these are pics I took at 11pm on the night of the first sale. So much stuff was already gone by then!
Yes, as far as you can see down, clothes. The aisle I shopped, on just the right side had only sizes 6 and 7 all the way down. Incredible!
A small section of the toys. You can find the same item, 10 times over, at a variety of prices, all in good/great condition.
Need a bike or trike? What about a baby swing?
The view from the corner. Isn't it incredible?!

But honestly, better than the deals, is the time with friends. We shop for our kids then meet in a corner, talk about what we found while we look it over again (sometimes stains get through inspection). With our lives busy in different directions, I really enjoy this time hanging out.
Alyssa and Erica. Yes, Alyssa has a shopping cart. I really should find one next time. The clothes rack I rigged up didn't hold up to all the weight of the clothes I found as I tried to roll it around. Katherine and Tracy started shopping at 4:30, and they're usually the last ones left when it's all said and done that night. They're a hoot! Yes, all those clothes you see are theirs. Tracy has a shopping basket too. Katherine's hubby rigged up a furniture dolly and a big bucket. Maybe I could do that. Hmmm....
The next morning, Beth came downstairs and was overjoyed to see all the skirts and dresses I'd found for her, just as she requested. Then, I pulled out the 10 Magic Tree House books I got her, and I got a HUGE hug. Jacob was super excited about his new GeoTrax set Grand Central Station, complete with a RC train, people, cargo, trax and the station (about half of what's in this picture). He loves it! And so did Kevin when we got it all put together.
So much fun! The next sale is in the fall, and I've already got a few buckets of things to get rid of. I hope you check into a JBF sale in your area!


Kim Fair said...

You have done a wonderful job on your blog. Glad you had so much fun and found just great deal at JBF. I had a great first time experience, as well!

Joanie said...

Great JBF PR, Laura! Thanks for posting it! FYI - we are the 3rd largest sale in the franchise system - after Tulsa and Oklahoma City - don't want to boot them out of their spots! Glad you had fun!