Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Fun

For our birthday girl's 7th birthday, she really got to stretch out the fun. On birthday day, we started with a sprinkle donut and a candle (her request). We had made chocolate chip/M&M cookies to share at school, which she proudly shared with her friends and the school staff. She had to wait until after school to open her presents, though. She got just what she was hoping for- a pink Nintendo DS. Hard to believe she's outgrown her Leapster already.

Then, her dinner choice before church, Peter Piper Pizza. We all had fun with that one!

Then, a couple weeks later, we had her friend party. She chose a My Little Pony theme. With a huge invite list, and only half coming, we still had tons of people celebrating Beth's 7th birthday with us. She requested a bounce house in the back yard. We got lucky and found a pink/purple castle, then the company said they had a My Little Pony banner they could put on it too. With the trampoline and a table full of ponies and accessories providing more fun. The kids all had a great time and wore themselves out!

Then, after all the party friends went home, Grandma, Grandpa, cousins Emily and Gracie, Yaya and Popi stayed for dinner and more presents. Kevin grilled burgers for us. Then, Beth got to open MORE presents from family. That was really nice to get to visit with each other away from the craziness of the party. I look forward to making this a birthday tradition!

All in all, this birthday celebration was a success. She's already looking forward to the next one and making plans. I'm just looking forward to summer (4 weeks left of school)!

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