Thursday, October 6, 2011

To my sweet 4 year old


Poof! Time passed so quickly, and now you are 4 years old. According to your pediatrician's office, you are 40.5 inches tall and 34 pounds, both measurements just about average. But, anybody who knows you knows you are far from average!

You are very much an average, normal boy. Oh my, are you without a doubt a little boy! From the minute you wake up, you are full speed ahead. I don't think you know how to walk- you run, skip, jump, slide, etc everywhere you go. Unfortunately, you have your momma's lack of grace. You fall, run into things (because you don't pay attention) and have bruises all over your legs, but they don't seem to phase you. I get tickled because most of the time, you don't even notice when you hit something. Your hearing test at your check up showed that you have great hearing, but it seems to be "boy hearing". Too often you are so engrossed in what you are doing that you don't hear what we tell you. About the time that I say "nevermind", you acknowledge what I said. Silly boy!

You have such a big personality! You make me smile every single day with your sense of humor! We are quite convinced that you will be a salesman one day with your charming smile and twinkling eyes. You're so much like your daddy in this!

I love watching your wonder and you observe and learn new things. You get so excited when it's time for a "lesson". I am just amazed that you are in the early stages of learning to read. You know your letters and their sounds. You try so hard to sound out words, but so often those words don't fit the "rules" you know for sounds. You'll get it soon, I'm sure! The moments you slow down long enough to watch something, you are so observant to details- the colors, sizes, shapes of things. What amazes me more than anything is your joy in learning Bible verses. You are so proud of yourself, and rightly so, when you memorize a verse. Recently, you memorized John 3:16. What a big verse for a little boy! I hope you will always hide God's Word in your heart, and one day truly understand those verses and put them into practice.Of course, you have moments of attitude and temper. You are stubborn and bullheaded (I'll say like your daddy, but I know some is from me too). You don't like being told "no". You're trying so hard to be independent and determine what's best for you. I know it's hard to not get your way, but I promise I'm just trying to teach you and keep you safe. Despite those moments, you truly do have a tender, sweet heart. You love to snuggle, you worry when someone is hurt or upset. Every kid you meet is your friend. The moments that you say "I love you" or share a hug or kiss, all without prompting, are the best.Oh, my sweet boy, I cannot believe you are already 4. You have given us so many adventures, and I know we have so many more ahead. I look forward to them all!

Love, Mommy

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