Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Beth is a hoot!
1) Beth is eating mini goldfish crackers. She shared some with me then told me, "You don't want to get a tummy ache. That's your last one. Deal or no deal?"

Ok, so she's a hoot, and she's amazing!
2) She came out of her room this morning with the book Green Eggs and Ham telling me she could read it. As we settled into her bed, she told me, "I'm gonna do a good job". She read, yes, actually read, her little finger following along the words, using the picture clues, and read the words. About halfway through, she got tired of that book and told me she could read another one. I got 3 choices, the stinker, so I picked Five Little Monkeys. Yes, it's the song, but the beginning of the story has some other parts to it. Again, she read it, sounding out words and using picture clues. I'm so proud!


yaya said...

That's my granddaughter

Pam said...

What a smartie!

Angie said...

Isn't that the coolest thing yet? To me, it beats crawling, walking, etc, etc. To hear your kid read! That's great!