Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's new with the kiddos

I'll get to updating pictures so, I promise. But, until then, here's the latest kiddo adventures.

We had the Aumillers over Saturday night. While the grownups played Mexican Dominoes, the girls played upstairs (Jacob was sleeping). So, Sunday, Beth really wanted to learn to play dominoes. Of course, we obliged. It was so much fun, and she's pretty good. She even played by herself this morning, until she had to put her train (penny) up, then she gave up.

There's nothing like drama of a 4 year old girl. Yesterday, when it was time for nap, she fussed that she didn't want a nap in her bed, threw her socks and shoes down then threw herself onto her bed, screaming and crying the entire time. I closed the door and walked away for a few minutes. When I returned to tell her no more screaming, she asked "Can I cry regular?" I wanted to laugh, but I told her she could as long as she didn't wake up Jacob. She was asleep a few minutes later.

Jacob's on the verge of walking. Yikes! He took 2 steps this past weekend. So far, that's all he'll do before he sits or reaches where he's headed. Frankly, we think he won't be still long enough to balance and try walking. He's in constant motion and can crawl faster to get there. That's ok with me, really!

Jacob loves his pacis. He's started sharing his pacis with me, trying to put them in my mouth. This started when I put the handle in my mouth to play with him. He thinks it's just hilarious. I keep bunches of them in his crib. He has to have one in his mouth and one in his hand while he sleeps (just like Beth did). He just woke up from his nap with one in his mouth and 3 in his hands.

Jacob at 10 months hoarding his pacis

Beth at 7 months with hers

Okie dokie, now that Jacob's awake, I guess I should pay attention to the kiddos. Have a great day!


TheClarkFamily said...

Reading that about Jacob and pacis reminds me of the cute picture you have of beth with one in her mouth and tons in her hands. So cute!

Also, how can he wake up from his mouth?

Miss you guys!

Laura Hale said...

I'll get a pic of Jacob when he wakes up from his next nap. Then I'll post both his and Beth's paci pics.

Thanks for helping me proofread!

Angie said...

I love Beth's quote about crying 4 years old...