Monday, July 21, 2008

Here we go

Like I need something else to keep up with! Oh well, maybe now I can keep family and friends and blog-stalkers up to date (or try) with the latest in our lives. I'm Laura, 31 year old, stay at home mom to Jacob (10 months) and Beth (4 years). I'm married to Kevin, who works very hard providing a good life for us. We're 3-5 hours away from family but have made many great friends up here. Where is here? A small town south of Fort Worth, Texas. Close enough to enjoy what a big city can offer and far enough away to not deal with big city hassles. So, welcome to the blog where I share all the great adventures of our lives. No, we don't have amazing travels or cultural experiences, but we are highly entertained on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy!


TheClarkFamily said...

Wooo hooo! Congrats, and good luck keeping up with it! It's just as addicting as Facebook...

yaya said...

way to go....thanks for sharing.. i will so enjoy reading your heart mom
ah geeezzz....maybe soon to be my turn..
i would love to see new pics of the kiddos...ours are 4 weeks old.