Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy learning

When Beth was about 2 1/2, we started doing "lessons". Of course, it was simple then, like counting and letters. She still loves doing lessons with me, so I try to get in two or three a week. Now, we practice addition facts, cursive writing and are starting to explore some other fun things.

Last week, we had some science fun. We tried to make clouds. With warm water in a jar, cover with a metal pan that's been frozen super cold. Clouds (vapor) are supposed to form in the jar. We tried a couple of times but couldn't get it to work. Oh well. Next week, we'll use that stinkin jar to make a rain gauge.

A couple weeks ago, we did some music lessons. We read a story about Mozart and listened to some of his music online. Maybe we'll plan a field trip to the symphony. Oh, that would be incredible to watch her soak in all the instruments and sounds. She's gone to my church choir practice lately (mine starts early than hers), and I've been showing her the markings in the music that tell me how to sing. She just couldn't understand how I could sing a song I've never heard before.

Then, we had an art/music lesson. I found samples various types of music online, had her close her eyes to listen and pay attention to how she felt listening to it. Then, I had her draw a picture while continuing to listen to the music. Here's what we drew. Please forgive the sideways pictures. No matter what I do, they upload sideways.

Old Rugged Cross

Since she was 2, she's been playing games on the computer. Of course, now, she can get online, go to her bookmarked sites and do her thing. We've been reading The Magic Tree House series of books- two kids travel in a magic tree house to far away times and places to solve a riddle or mystery with the help of books. She's soaking them up (and I'm really enjoying them too). When she completes each book, she can go to their website to take a quiz about the book. She earns a "stamp" for her "Passport" as she travels the world over time through the magic of these books. The series has opened up so many new things to learn about. They also have Research Guides that give lots more information about some of the topics in the stories. We've also gone online to learn even more. Here's Beth learning what her name would look like in ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics.
I just love watching her enjoy filling her brain with new and exciting information. I love the conversations we have about what happened long ago and how it's different now. I love when she asks me "what does that mean?". These moments and conversations are so precious as I hope to mold her into a person with a lifelong love for learning and reading.


Fred said...

I love that she is so curious and anxious to learn. A challenge for all of us!

yaya said...

What a wonderful teacher Beth has.
She has such a sweet sensitive spirit. I remember some great books on her reading level about music composers. I will look and let you know.