Thursday, March 25, 2010


(not my picture, found somewhere online)
Last night, driving home from church, there was a lovely storm, complete with pouring rain and lightning. As Beth talked on and on about the lightning.
Then, Jacob, who always has to be part of the conversation, said, "I see McQueen." Okay Jacob, sure you did.
Beth continues on and on about the lightning, still, what would happen if it hit the car, the house.....
Jacob continues telling me he saw McQueen. I didn't see McQueen anywhere.
OH, wait a minute! LIGHTNING McQueen.


yaya said...

I giggled, laughed, chuckled. That is so Jacob. And so Beth.
They do keep you on your toes.

Fred said...

He knew what he was talking about! Way to go J-dawg!

Fred said...
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yaya said...

I had to share this story at work.
But the thing is...if one doesn't have kids or grandkids and watch cute movies like CARS, then one does not understand the "story"