Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Warning: Long post with lots of pictures
We had A LOT going on with Easter this year, and it was so much fun!
Beth's class egg hunt
Jacob helped me put over 150 eggs out for Beth's class. Then, he got to help Beth's teacher say "ready, set, go" for the kids to take off running. They had so much fun and swooped up the eggs in a fraction of the time it took to put them out. It was also jean and filp flop day- what fun! Then we had a picnic in the gym (instead of blowing away in North Texas wind outside) followed by recess. At recess, another mom brought a baby goat for the class to see and pet. They all waited their turn patiently then back to the playground.
Decorating Eggs
The kids were so excited to decorate the eggs. Once I got everything set up, paint shirts on, instructions given to be very careful, it was time. It went so fast, and they had so much fun! They loved picking the colors, watching them come out pretty, then decorating dry eggs with stickers. It was very nice of them to let Kevin and I decorate a couple eggs too.

The Easter Bunny came!
The eggs were hiding around the living room, and the baskets were filled with treats. Both kids got a Scooby dvd (a current favorite cartoon at our house), fruit snacks, fun socks, chocolate, a pinwheel and another treat. They were thrilled!
Over 100 stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking (tapping his chin) about where those eggs could be

All dressed up
Ready for church, to celebrate and honor the reason for Easter- Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, so that we wouldn't have to. Then, He rose from the dead after three days. How awesome to serve a Risen Lord!

Children's Choir
Beth's children's choir performed Easter songs at the evening service. How awesome to see all these kids learning songs about Jesus and enjoying singing them.
Ok, Dad, are you happy now? :)


J.J. said...

That's not that long :) I love the pics! I love watching the kiddos color eggs! Looks like a great time!

J.J. said...

BTW...I love Mercyme in the background while reading your post.

Fred said...

Yes, I am happy now. Thanks for the pictures.