Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Oops, I kinda forgot about a few posts waiting in the wings. Sorry.
Last month, Beth participated in Sparks-a-rama. Sparks is Beth's age level of the AWANA program from church (a great program with Bible lessons, scripture memory and fun games). This is the first year our church took a group to participate in the Sparks game competition.
(my friend and I made the banner!)

It was a LONG day, but the kids had fun. We were at the church, Beth loaded on the bus at 6:30am. Yikes! The leaders fed the kids donuts and kolachies. Yummy! By the time we got to the SMU campus, where the even was held, the kids were anxious to get started.

Poor things, they had to wait a long time, an eternity to their little selves, until their turn. We watched the bigger kids compete in their games. The little kids kept asking if it was time for them. Poor things. It's hard to be little and have to wait so long. The big kids competed in two rounds in the morning. Our group won first place for their area!!!! After lunch, they also moved onto semi-finals and then finals, placing 2nd overall, out of about 30 churches. Way to go kids!
Meanwhile, we took the little ones out for their lunch and to burn off a little energy. It was a nice warm spring day and the silly kids all wanted to sit by the fence in the shade.

After a sermon/presentation, it was finally time for the Sparks to get ready. They were so excited! They played a variety of games of speed, teamwork, balance and just plain fun! For our section, about 6 churches, they placed 2nd. For the overall competition, they placed 4th out of about 20 churches. Not bad for their first competition!After the Spark competition, the bigger kids had their semi-final round. Beth was worn out and hungry. It was a long day for a kid who usually gets a nap. I was out of snacks, the concession stand was closed. She asked to go home. I'm so glad I drove and didn't ride the bus! We made a Mickey-D stop, and she devoured a happy meal. She almost fell asleep, but not quite. It was a fun day. Next year, I'll make sure to pack lots more snacks and a coloring book (I had taken travel games this time, but they got old quick).


J.J. said...

I love that I know all these games. I can picture Beth and A and W playging together!

Fred said...

I know they had a great time. What an experience. Way to go Sparks!