Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Girl

For Beth's birthday dinner and presents, we took her to the American Girl Bistro and store in Dallas. Of course, Natalie (the doll) went with us too. Beth wanted us to all dress nice, specifically that we girls would wear our Easter dresses. It was fun to be dressed nice and do something so special with her.

From the moment we walked in, with her jaw dropped, she was in girl heaven. Everywhere you looked were dolls and clothes and accessories. We walked around, finding some of the things we'd talked about getting (she pre-shopped the catalog). Then, upstairs for our dinner reservation in the Bistro.
Even Natalie had a high chair and menu!
The food was delicious. Beth just couldn't hardly stand waiting until we were all finished. She was ready to go shopping. Don't worry about my handsome guys, they made peww-peww (shooting) sounds to make up for all the girly-ness.
Beth did really well shopping. She had specific things she wanted- a brush and hair do-dads, a pet, and a nightgown. After that, it was decision time, deciding what she wanted most from her spending money. She picked a cute outfit. Only once did I have to steer her away from something she wanted that I knew was coming from grandparents.
Beth brushed and braided (she figured out how last week) Natalie's hair all the way home. Once we got home, she asked if we had regular presents for her. Jacob had a couple gifts for her to unwrap- a game and a movie. I offered to wrap the stuff we just got, but she didn't think that was funny. Instead, we unpacked all her new treasures. What fun!
She has already declared that she'd like to go back next year for her birthday. I imagine that we'll make another trip before then too.


Fred said...

What a great birthday!

Grandma Charlotte said...

Looks like Beth and Natalie did quite well! The boys were really good sports.

Angie said...

What a perfect day! Happy late b-day big girl!!