Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Party Circuit

It seems like we've had a birthday party to attend every weekend! But it sure has been fun celebrating in lots of different ways with lots of friends and family!

Tatum's 6th birthday- All the girls got dress up wings, crowns and dresses. Plus, there were pony rides! Talk about fun!

Marissa's 3rd birthday- at Chuck E Cheese. You can't go wrong with games and pizza!

Popi's 59th birthday cookout

Mallory's 2nd birthday- An ADORABLE ice cream shoppe theme. The buffet of ice cream toppings, the cupcakes that looked like ice cream cones and pink everywhere!

Ryan's 5th birthday at McDonalds- happy meals, cake and playland time. What more could they ask for? (I purposely left my camera at home so I could enjoy visiting with adults while the kids played)

Jacob's 3rd birthday- Toy Story themed (and more details coming later)

Coming this weekend- Cody's 9th birthday at the fire station!

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