Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh my sweet boy,
I can't believe you are turning 3 today! Where has the time gone? It seems just yesterday that you joined our family. You arrived at full speed and haven't slowed down since! I couldn't imagine our life without you. Our family is complete, with you in it.

You fill our lives with such adventure on a daily basis. You keep us on our toes and full of laughter. I'm seeing how different little boys are from little girls. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. The way you play, the toys you like, the sounds you make, the things you find funny. Oh, you are such a hoot! You are quick to play along when I tease you.
J: Where are we going?
M: Crazy. Wanna go?
J: Where are we going AFTER crazy?
Even though Daddy sometimes scares you playing Zurg, you love it and ask for more. You're such a daredevil too. You love hanging upside down, being slung around in play then laugh and ask for more. What a difference from your cautious sister! Playtime with Daddy is so much fun. You both love playing blasters (guns) together. If you can't find your blasters, you just make one out of blocks. You are total boy in that you find body humor absolutely hilarious- toots, burps, talking about them, saying potty words, etc. I know you didn't learn that from me, so it's got to be part of being a boy. I want to laugh along with you sometimes, because you're so tickled, but I have to teach you when and where those things are okay. OH, and when you get to laughing, whole-heartedly laughing, a vein pops out on your neck, and I can't help but giggle with you. It's such a precious, sweet sound, hearing you laugh.

Most of the time, you love to learn new things. Anytime I go to the hall closet, you ask if we're going to do a lesson. It has been fun learning about the letters and their sounds. You find such joy in recognizing letter while we're out and about. That's how I know you've been listening! I'm glad you've started to like coloring. Your little brain is just an amazing sponge. When you listen and aren't distracted, you learn so quickly. You're really starting to understand how to play games on the computer. It amazes me that I can leave you in the chair to play your new "Frog Jr" (Webkinz Jr), and you don't need help.

It's been a joy to hear you memorizing scriptures! Your favorite is still the first one you learned, the one you pretend to read when you hold a Bible- Ephesians 6:1 "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right." You love going to church to see your friends and favorite teachers. That makes me so proud. I know you're listening to the stories and lessons, sometime remembering what you heard. You've been learning so many songs that you love to sing at home too. Your favorites are B-I-B-L-E and Zaccheus.

Those scriptures and lessons you've learned come in handy when you get in trouble. You know when you disobey and why you get in trouble, but you sure don't like it. When we talk about what Jesus asks us to do, you know the answer. You're 99% of the time remorseful and ready to say "Sorry for ---" and give hugs. Usually, you have to tell Mommy our reminder "Obey the first time, with no fits." I know it's hard for you to do that when you have a mind of your own wanting to do your own thing, but you're learning. I'm glad you're tender-hearted to doing what's right.

You love your sister and your friends with everything you have. You wake up and want to know where Beth is. You can't wait to see her when she gets home from school. Then, you love to play with her and be in her business. If she's close, you may be content to sit together, or you may irritate her just because you can. I absolutely see that little brother side of you, pushing her buttons until you get in trouble. I love seeing the sweet, loving brother side of you too. You share your toys or snack, you're willing to play things like "Beth's Restaurant". Those precious moments bring me such joy. I hope you will always love each other like that.
I can't wait to see what adventures the next year brings. I have big plans for you with potty training. You told me you'd go on the potty when you are 3. So, it's time kiddo! With Sister in school all day, you and I will have lots of time for lessons, trips to Target and so much more! I'm so glad I get to share in the joy and adventures of your life!
Love, Mommy


yaya said...

He truly is absolutely so adorably cute. Happy Birthday Jacob. We love you.

Fred said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Happy birthday, J-dawg! Popi loves you. Great stuff, Laura.