Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Last month (hey- better late than never, right?) we took the kids to the circus, while it was in town. It was their first trip EVER, and I haven't been since I was young. Kevin and I were really looking forward to it! We thought about keeping it a secret until we got there, but we just couldn't.

We got there early enough to watch the pre-show. We watched clowns balance plates, Chinese acrobats bend and balance furniture, the ringmaster do magic tricks. Though we couldn't see it well, Jacob was most impressed by the elephant that was painting. Neither of the kids were interested in trying on the costumes like I'd hoped.

We headed for our seats, and Kevin stopped for some cotton candy. Jacob had never tried it before and was pretty pleased. Beth really liked the pink kind.

Time for the show! Boy, it's changed from what I remember. Nobody rode the animals, the tigers were in a cage, there were lots of flashy lights and fireworks. Still, we were all mesmorized by the fun music and great sights to see! Jacob liked the animals- horses, dogs, elephants, tigers- that did tricks.
Beth really liked the acrobats and was quite impressed with the ones who rode the bike on the high-wire. She said she would like to work in the circus one day and be an acrobat. Though, there was one trick she said she wouldn't do- some circle thing that goes around and around. She also decided that our whole family should work the circus together (we'd talked about how sometimes whole families work together).
My favorite part was watching it all through their eyes. It's so much fun to have kids, because then you have an excuse to go to fun places!


Fred said...

Like the new page design. Did Casey do this one?

Laura said...

Thanks! Nope, it was a free download one.