Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!

I'm singing the title of the blog- think OLD Christmas movie, White Christmas (my favorite!).
So, day 4 of "hunkering down" in the house brought snow. What a gorgeous sight to wake up to! Jacob's sweet little voice on the monitor "Mommy, it's snowin!". Lucky for him, it was already after 7am, so it wasn't a big deal to be woken up.

After a morning of fun- a birthday party for Harry (Jacob's beloved toy monkey- the one in the party hat from Beth), building blocks, painting noodle necklaces, and whatever else we could come up with.
We filled our bellies with a warm lunch and got dressed (the first time out of jommies since Monday night!) to go outside. The kids were so excited to wear their rain boots in the snow. Walking out in the snow, you could hear the layer of ice crunch with each step.
Jacob was thrilled with throwing snowballs or snow-handfuls. They tried to ride their tractor/4wheeler things, but the ice layer wouldn't let them get too far.
I convinced Beth to get on the trampoline to jump, admist all the snow. Once she got it loosened up, she laughed as the snow bounced with her.
We played what we could in the backyard then checked out the front yard. I was fun to see neighbors out enjoying the snow and shining sun, despite that it was still below freezing temperature.
Beth found a great icicle on Kevin's truck. She was carrying around, using it to draw in the snow, teasing her brother that only she had one. Next thing I know, there was a frantic search for it. Apparently Jacob got it or Beth dropped it or something. Kevin asked Jacob where it was. Jacob laughed and said "I hid it!" Oh, that boy! Luckily, Beth was distracted by more playing in the snow,


jamielblev said...

Wow! We got none of that. Just ice. And people trying to drive on ice.

yaya said...

You are having so much fun without us!...

Angie said...

Isn't snow magical? When I moved to Houston I met soooo many people who hadn't really ever seen it. Blew my mind that they could miss one of God's most beautiful gifts. Of course, that's coming from a northern girl. :)

Your kids are growing up so quickly and are beautiful.