Saturday, May 28, 2011


Oops! This has been sitting in the to-be-posted list for a while. Sorry.

We thought it was finally time to consider a camping trip for the kids. We were going to start with a backyard campout to see how it went. Well, Texas spring weather being what it is, it was going to be a bit chilly for sleeping outdoors (at least for us). No big deal- we'll "camp" inside. I made a huge tent in the living room, and we set up our air mattresses. We were ready!

We played games together, read stories and tried to settle in for the night. Only, Jacob couldn't settle down. We tried girls on one mattress, boys on the other, but then we discovered one mattress had a whole in it. So, Jacob and Kevin slept upstairs, and Beth and I slept on the inflated air mattress. Not a bad experience but really glad to be at home for this one!

Of course, the next morning, the kids wanted to play in the tent as much as they could. I love the simple moments, like Beth giving Jacob lessons on how to snap his fingers. I think we may be ready to try this camping this for real.

Life is good and full of great adventures, every day!

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