Friday, May 20, 2011

Beth's year in review

During first grade, Beth grew 2.5 inches (from 48.5 to 51) and gained 9 pounds (from 54 to 63). Wow! It must be all that ranch dressing and bread and butter!

Beth and her teacher Mrs. Robles on the last day

The thing I like best about school...

math time

Who are your best friends? What do you like about them most?

Emma, Tatum and Faith

They like to play with me every time we had recess

Why do you like your teacher?
'Cuz what she does for us.

Like what?

She gives us recess, she helps us when we need help

After school, I like to...
play outside at home

My favorite book is...
from school- Kind and Brave

not school- Boxcar Children

My favorite tv show and movie is...
tv show- Jake and the Neverland Pirates

movie- Space Chimps

My favorite cartoon character is...
Big Baby (on Toy Story 3)

Some of my favorite songs are...
Lord's Army

Amazing Grace. We worked on that at school. I can sing the whole thing.

Glorious Day

What makes me laugh is...
at school- When Asher does funny thing and makes us laugh.

not at school- Daddy

My favorite hobby is...
reading, watch tv, drawing

I amaze everyone when I...

show them my writing (cursive)
Oh, and I also amaze everyone when I show them I can balance on one foot for 100 seconds.

On weekends, I like to...

go to church and play in the (little) pool

What was your favorite thing that our family did together this year?
going to Disney World

What are you looking forward to about second grade?

helping grade papers, writing on notebook paper

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Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Love this update! What a smart and sweet little girl. She's is growing up fast!