Friday, July 3, 2009

Old friends are the best

While we were in Houston (I know, that was weeks ago, oh well), we got together with our old playgroup friends to celebrate their 5th birthdays and 5 years of friendship. This group formed friendships long ago, right after our babies were born (within a month of each other), after we'd all been in childbirth classes together. Every year, we've celebrated their birthdays with a big gathering, including the daddies. Over time, some have moved, new friends have joined, and of course more kiddos have been added to the families. Still, the friendships are so treasured!

Ruthann and her crew hosted a pool party. Despite having spent the day at the beach, we had a blast in the pool! Beth was quite busy swimming (with floaties) and playing with her friends. Jacob was in constant motion and discovered he liked jumping from the side (holding my hands).
Friends- While some things have changed, others certainly haven't. I love that we all know about each other, can catch up with each other in minutes, and enjoy each other's kids

Then, it was time for pizza!

Followed by the toughest choices of which toppings to put on ice cream sundaes. We couldn't see Marshall's ice cream under all the toppings! Oh, to be 5 again!
It was good to see everyone! Next time, we'll have to get together without the pool or without kids, so we can actually visit. I feel like I spent more time chasing Jacob than I did enjoying catching up. I love knowing that I can email that I'll be in town, and we all make plans to gather. I sure hope the other moved-away friends (Jeri and Angie!) can make it next summer!


Angie said...

I'm so jealous!! Ugh. I wish we could have made it. I simply cannot believe that our babies all turned 5! And all the other babies that came after. Holy cow. I loved the pics. Thanks for sharing so I can relive the party via the internet. :)

Laura said...

I knew you would enjoy these. I sure hope y'all can plan a trip for next year!