Friday, July 24, 2009

Worth our time

I pulled an article out of a parenting magazing about a year ago and just rediscovered it. I thought it's wisdom worth sharing. I know I sometimes let the chores of being the mom take over the joys of being a mom. I'm working to refocus my daily goals (but still keep a clean house). I really enjoy being a stay at home mom, but too many times I've said "later" or "tomorrow" when I should have dropped what I was doing to enjoy that moment. Now, those moments are fewer as Beth is about to head off to school every day. I want to keep these bits of wisdom in the forefront of my mind to make all these moments count. I know before long they'll both be at school, then before I can blink, they'll be out of the house. I hope I can encourage you to take the time to be the best parent you can be, enjoying all the moments you have!

1. Play with your children. Let them choose.
2. Take charge. Show your love by setting boundaries.
3. Eat at least one meal as a family each day.
4. Give your children responsibilities. It's good for their self-esteem and your sanity!
5. Read books together every day.
6. Love your children equally but treat them uniquely.
7. Be the role model your children deserve.
8. Always tell the truth.
9. Say "I love you" whenever you feel it, even if it's 654 times a day.
10. Schedule special time together.
11. Talk about what it means to be a good person.
12. Kiss and hug your spouse in front of your kids.
13. Don't try to fix everything. Give them a chance to work it out.
14. Gossip good about your kids. What we overhear is more potent than what we're told.
15. Fess up when you blow it.
16. Be vigilant about safety.
17. Remember that discipline is not punishment. It's teaching them about how to behave in the world.
18. Every child is a treasure but no child is the center of the universe.
19. Explain to your kids why values are important. When you're kind, generous, honest and respectful, you make people around you feel good.
20. Make warm memories.
21. Pick your battles.
22. Encourage daddy time.
23. Don't accept disrespect from your child.
24. Ask your children three "you" questions every day, preferably without yes/no answers. "What did you do at school today?"
25. Savor the moments.

Enjoy your children today (and everyday!)

Paraphrased from Parents magazine, December 2008


Lindsey said...

Good guidelines!

J.J. said...

I love that...thanks. :)

yaya said...

It's tough doing that all the time. I guess that is what grandparents are fill in the gaps.

Fred said...

Good stuff.

Laura said...

Great reminders! Thanks for sharing.