Friday, July 3, 2009

Zoo trip, part 2

So, another trip to the zoo, in the heat. Sounds like fun, right? It was! This time, the kids and I went with some friends.

There was a volunteer by the elephants/rhinos/and such that had tusks and a rhino's horn for kids to see and touch. That was heavy!
Then, Jacob's favorite part of the zoo- feeding the turtles, fish and ducks. I don't think he ever noticed the giraffe's across the pond!

We went to the lions and tigers and bears (OH MY!) next. Then, the bird house. Last year, Beth went into the bird house and was scared to death with all those crazy birds flying around. This time, she was scared at first, but then loved feeding the bird from her stick. Jacob just wanted to catch them. Are you surprised at that? Not me!
After a picnic lunch in the air conditioned cafe, we looked around the Texas Wild exhibit- animals and plants found in Texas. It is just amazing to me what animals make it in- like horses and cows, but then I remember the zoo is in the "big city", and some people have never been outside of it. Kerry said she's tickled by prairie dogs in the zoo since where she grew up, they shot prarie dogs. Then, I had to ask myself if the zoo PAID for these animals or went out to catch them. Ok, like horned toads and roaches and bats and such. What do you think? One animal I'm sure they bought and had special permission for was the bald eagle. What a majestic animal to have as the national bird for America!
Silly kiddos- Holly, Jacob and Beth
Also part of Texas Wild is a show about the weather. We'd never been in this part, but Holly (Beth's friend) just had to go. Beth was scared of the loud storm sounds (followed by rain drops on all the people and ping-pong ball hail), so Holly held her hand. How precious!
We'd had enough. We were hot, sweaty and tired. It was time to go home. On the way out, literally the bridge that leads to the turnstyle exit, I was doing a double-take at a lady also walking out. I asked if she was who I thought, and she was! Lo and behold, her family was with her too! Who, you ask? My 5th grade teacher, her husband, their grown daughter (who I recognized), their grown son, and his 2 girls. What a surprise, especially since I haven't seen them in at least 8 years, and that was when we lived in the Houston area (them too)! I wish now that I'd gotten a picture with them.


yaya said...

I love the look on their faces when they learn and see something new. You did a great job capturing that.

J.J. said...

I love the hand holding photo!!!! I also love looking at the Bald Eagles....

When we went to the Zoo here the week or so before our vacation...I laughed at a sign that said "Lions, Tigers, and Penguins"...your comment made me think of that. :)

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Who was your 5th grade teacher? That's cool!

Love Beth's kitty shirt :)

Laura said...

Case- Mrs. Bellue