Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Great Trampoline Flip

When fall comes, it comes in strong! We got a storm/cold front through here like nothing I've seen before. After it was over, news reports were that the wind was gusting up to 90mph. We certainly had proof of that! I was putting Beth to bed when I heard something on the window. I wanted to see if it was hail or debris. Sure enough, quarter sized hail (the white specs in the pic). About the time I was looking outside the back door, a great gust of wind picked up the trampoline and flipped it across the yard until it landed upside down, about an inch away from the fence. Wow!
Luckily, our house and fence were just fine. The next day, I saw 2 other trampolines in the neighborhood that were flipped and bent. What a storm! Our trampoline had a handful of bent poles. We ordered replacement parts for the bent poles and broken thingamabobs. We had a nice, dry weekend, so Kevin was able to get it put back together. The kids were super excited to bounce again!

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