Thursday, October 29, 2009

National Night Out

The true National Night Out falls in the summer. Summer in Texas is not HOT, so Texas has moved theirs to October. Then, our town had some big meeting thing that night and moved ours to the next week. Then, that nasty, drizzly, cold weather postponed it for a couple more days. Geez!

What is National Night Out? It's the chance to get out and meet the neighbors. If you know who your neighbors are, you aren't left wondering about people you see at the park or walking around, if they belong or not. We all want to live in safe places, and National Night Out promotes neighborhood watch.

We have a great neighborhood! There is an email loop for the ladies, and we got to chatting about this great opportunity. Next thing you know, we'd thrown together a small shindig. One of the ladies got in touch with our HOA, who agreed to sponsor the party- a bounce house and refreshments. Awesome! Other ladies made cookies to share. A few of the local policemen came out to chat with us and brought goodies for the kids.

It wasn't as great a turnout as we'd hoped. With all the changes though, I'm not surprised. It was still fun. Next year, with more time to plan, I think it'll be even better.

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