Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's dry!

After a couple weeks of rain and drizzle, it was fantastic to actually play outside! We've been playing in the garage just for a change of pace from the house- the wagon, the cozy coupe, tricycle, scooter, bubbles. The kids have been wanting to play with the sand table, but all the drizzle would have turned it to mud. This has been such a great gift (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)
Studying the sand or pouting?
Copying or destroying what sister did?


yaya said...

I love the pictures. Maybe Beth is getting lost in her thoughts as the sand sifts between her fingers, she is thinking about the beach and how she wants to live with us and go everyday.
Jacob's t-shirt is too cute. Kevin must have found that for him.
Thanks for the posts. We enjoy being connected.

J.J. said...

Yay for being outside. Too much snow here today to be outside :)

When I saw your brain went to potty training. I was going to fall over if you already had him potty trained :) Can you tell that I have potty training S on the brain?
Glad you had a dry day!

Laura said...

JJ- No potty training for a while here. Introduced the little potty, and he hated it. Besides, he's too busy to think about big boy pottying. Maybe when he's 4 :)

Grandma Charlotte said...

So glad they're enjoying the sand table. Looks like lots of planning going on!