Saturday, October 24, 2009

School is out?!

Fall is certainly here. The extreme weather changes, allergies, flu season and all that fun. Beth's school recently had over 20% of the student body out sick, so they decided to close down for the remainder of that week (which was really only 3 days, but still). As a typical kindergartener, Beth was sad. She loves school- and I love that. We managed to find some fun around the house! It was strange having her home all day again, but we enjoyed it.

We painted

We played with playdough (or "pluto", according to Jacob)

We found a photo set at a local drugstore. Love that I had my camera!
The school was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized while the kids were out in the hopes that it would cut down on the illness. While it didn't work entirely, I don't think the absentee rate has been that high again.

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Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

We had the same thing here, except we didn't get to close. Boo! Guess it's just a sicky time of year. Glad B is better!