Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Party time!

Ok, so yet another post I failed to put up a month ago. Can I be forgiven since I'm doing two posts in one day?

Beth had her 6th birthday party at Buffalo Nickel- a putt putt and arcade place in town. SO much fun! It gets kinda old going to the same bounce houses and pizza places. I'm so glad she was up for going somewhere new.

Everyone played putt-putt (except me- cuz you know Mommy had to be hostess).

Some were more serious than others.

But, everyone had a blast!

We came inside to cool off and play in the arcade.

Then, cake and present time! Woohoo!!!! Beth had picked Care Bears for her cake and even offered to give Jacob the boy Care Bear toy.

She had so much fun- everybody did, really. Those 4 of you who read the blog, who also happened to be there, thanks for being a part! There's nothing like celebrating another year of her precious life with precious friends and family.


J.J. said...

I love putt putt. How fun to spend the birthday with family! Can't believe she is 6!

Fred said...

I had fun!

Grandma Charlotte said...

Great day with non-stop fun! What a happy 6th celebration for Beth.