Monday, May 24, 2010


My goodness, the end of the school-year is nuts! Beth finished up her kindergarten school-year last week. First of all, it's hard to believe it's already over. Secondly, that makes her officially a first grader. Oh my! I love that I have been able to attend every field trip and special event with her, Jacob along too. And, thanks to the flexibility in Kevin's job (and access to him through technology), he's been able to join us too. What a blessing to be part of the fun!
At the award ceremony, Beth was presented with an award for Excellence in Reading. I'm so proud of her. She absolutely loves to read! She's soaking up books about snakes, dinosaurs, Titanic, tornadoes, volcanoes...not to mention great stories. I'm so proud to have a reader. That's the nerd in me. I guess she took after me in something, if not her looks. :)
Beth earned a field trip to Peter Piper Pizza for accomplishing her fundraiser goal of selling 15 items. Turns out, of the 12 kids who earned it, 7 were from her class. Wow. So, a morning away from school, learning how pizza is made, playing games and then eating the pizza they "designed" (picked out their own toppings).

Another great activity was Family Fun Day. Wow! That was some day. Every class had a shirt color. Family members were invited to the school for the day. It was really neat to see some parents wearing the class' color. There were TONS of activities- water balloon war, bubbles galore, bounce house, water "park", and a few carnival type games. After all that fun was lunch with burgers and hot dogs. Thankfully, the big storm held off until after Beth's class got through the lunch line and into the building. Jacob had a great time too. I really love that Beth's classmates are so kind and welcoming to him.
On the last week of school, Beth's first field trip was to a local campground, that just happens to be part of the Jellystone park group. So, a morning on a new playground, then a hayride with Yogi Bear. Sadly, most of the kids didn't know who Yogi Bear was before that trip. Since then, my kids have watched a Yogi cartoon. Yogi sang songs with the kids, and they were quite impressed that he knew "Jesus loves me". Then, a picnic lunch (away from Yogi, so he didn't take them). Those kids were a hoot- moving their seats, boys away from girls, sit-by-me-no-me issues... all for kindergarteners! Full bellies, some extra silly behavior and a BIG skinned knee later, it was time to go home for naps.

It's been a great year. She loved school. We can't wait to see what adventures 1st grade will bring!

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Fred said...

Looked like so much fun and I'm glad Jacob is welcomed. That may change when the teen years hit. Being able to make the field trips is a blessing indeed. When her class goes to Costa Rica, I'll go too. :)