Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The perfect day for an outing

We headed to the newly remodled Fort Worth Museum of Science for the day.

Ok, so that was a month ago. Sorry it's taken so long. Umm, it's not like I have anything to do besides blog, you know :)

Ok, back to the story. We'd tried to go to the museum a month ago but couldn't find a parking space. Beth was quite disappointed that day. So, today, no problem with parking, she was thrilled. Beth has been very interested in learning about dinosaurs lately. How perfect that there's a fantastic dino exhibit! Beth was ready with her notepad and pencil to do "research".
This museum is really more like a children's museum, with all the interactive stuff. We measured bones, looked at fossils in a microscope, put together dinosaur bone puzzles.... Jacob wasn't too pleased to get into the footprint replica (found in Texas!)
But, the best part of the dinosaur fun was outside. A fossil-dig! We had "shovels" and paintbrushes to dig and brush away the sand until we uncovered a bone. So cool!
Then, back inside for more adventures. In the children's area, we played with trains and grocery shopped, walked an "obstacle" course and spun tops. In the tinker area, we built a musical pinball course, used wind to push a sail-car and played with tinker toys. In another interactive area, we chose the craft room. Jacob tried stamps and marker toys and then just enjoyed attaching tissue paper to his page. Beth made a birthday hat (supposedly in honor of Jane Goodall's birthday).
After a stop for lunch in the cafe, we headed upstairs to the western area. How can a museum in Texas not have a tribute to cattle and the western fronteir?
Tucked into a little room were "horses" to ride while you herded cattle into the pen. Both kids had a blast on these!
At the end of the exhibit was a display about what products we use that come from cattle. I'm quite amazed. Needless to say, no part of a cow is wasted. Then, down the hall, we found the temporary exhibit- CSI. I love the CSI shows. Not for the gore, but for the nerdy scientist part of the show. It was fun, for a little while. We had tired kiddos, so we didn't finish the investigation. A last stop at the gift store with their Easter money. I couldn't believe that Beth didn't find anything she had to have. She chose to spend her money at Target later. Jacob found a giant snake and a spaceship. Perfect ending to a great day out as a family!


J.J. said...

my kiddos would love that horse!!!!!!! Looks like fun!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

That museum looks like fun! Especially the dinosaur stuff. What a smart girl though, saves her dollars for Target!