Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Evolution of a Summer Pool

Kevin and Beth took a trip to pick up a summer kiddie pool. I was thinking they'd come back with one of those old standard hard plastic type, maybe the one with the slide. I'm told Beth was even given the choice of one of the really big ones that take gallons and gallons of water (but there was something about taking the trampoline down temporarily). Instead, she chose the alligator with a slide in and a slide out. Pretty fun looking!

It didn't long before we realized there just wasn't much room to "swim" with both slides. Off went the slide-out. Much better!
Then, the slide-in went flat. Ok, no big deal, take it off too. Much better! Now, there's room for Beth to stretch out, close her eyes and sing. (I'm sure Yaya is now having a "that sounds like a little girl I used to know" moment) We also put the big hard plastic slide in it once in while for more adventure. Talk about redneck! But, they love it!
Next summer, I'm hoping for a pool at least long enough that I can get in and cool off too. :)

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Fred said...

You need to go to the neighborhood pool!