Saturday, July 31, 2010

What to do???????

The kids have been shipped off to Popi and Yaya's house for a week. Then, I'll go down to spend a long weekend visiting and drive home with the kids. This is the first time EVER we've been at home without the kids. It's wonderfully quiet!

What are our big plans? Whatever we want! We've already had a hot date out to dinner then grocery shopping at Walmart. See, exciting stuff, huh? Other plans this week:
- catch up on blogs
- clean out the kids' rooms
- regular house chores- laundry, bathrooms, floors, dusting....
- errands, that I can run in half the time without kids and don't have to be back for naps
- exercise
- prep for Just Between Friends consignment sale
- read, maybe at the neighborhood pool
- scrapbook
- watch old movies
But, it will blissfully be done in my time, without extra voices and whining (maybe a little from Kevin).

This is good stuff. Thanks Popi and Yaya!


Fred said...

I'm headed back to the store for more Red Bull.

yaya said...

The joy is all ours. It is great knowing that I make the best salad ever, or that I am crazy but Casey is crazier. I hope you enjoy your quiet time. As we are enjoying our little voices.

jamielblev said...

I am HIGHLY envious!!!