Friday, July 9, 2010

Zoo much fun!

I just love having such a great zoo not too far away! June was a great month to be a zoo member. There were special presentations before regular zoo hours on Mondays to go learn more about animals or see their feedings. Since Beth is so interested in snakes, we went up the day the snake keeper was to have a session. While the "presentation" wasn't very exciting, we still had a great time checking out the animals and trying to stay cool!

Another day while Kevin was out of town, we invited our friends Mary and Mallory to spend some zoo time with us. The kids were all so cute being by each other and talking about the animals. Since we went after naps, we spent a nice, not-crowded couple hours at the zoo before they closed. Stopped at a mall for dinner to miss rush-hour traffic. What fun spending time with friends!

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