Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love summer!

The other day, we decided to take the kids to the neighborhood pool for the first time this season. We've been enjoying the little pool in the yard and goodness knows I can't take both kids to the big pool by myself while Kevin's working.
Jacob has a floating suit thing, but he tumps over. I finally found him some floaties, and he was quite pleased (they have sharks on them). Jacob took to the pool like a fish to water. No fear and wanted to do it all by himself. At first, he giggled so much, open-mouthed that he kept swallowing and gagging on the pool water. Eventually, he figured out how to catch and spit it out instead. At bath time that night, he asked for his floaties and told me how much fun he had at the pool. Good stuff!
Beth takes a little longer to warm up to the idea of swimming. I wish we'd gotten out here earlier, but oh well. She swam around with floaties some, then we worked on her real swimming. Oh, the drama! After a while, though, she was getting the hang of it again. Don't worry, we'll get some more practice in.
Then, home for little pool and playing in the yard time. My little water bugs sure had fun! Like our redneck-i-fied pool?
The other day, I was shopping at Target (like that's a surprise), and I found these smaller hula-hoops ("hoop-a-loops" to Jacob) for $1.50 on clearance. OK! It's been fun to watch them try to use them then come up with other games to play with them instead.
Jacob discovered that the water hose is a great microphone. Quite a concert he gave! B-I-B-L-E that all the neighbors must have heard, Zaccheus, Jesus loves me.... Then, Kevin played that age old water hose trick. Jacob didn't get flustered at all and thought it was so funny he asked Kevin to do it again. Silly boy!
Meanwhile, Kevin grilled burgers while we hung out together outside. I think we've had burgers every night for a week since we've been hanging out outside every evening. I love summer!

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Fred said...

I've got pictures of doing the same thing to you with a water hose.