Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Big girl moment #2- Loose Tooth

When Beth was 4, she started asking about when she would lose a tooth. I told her when she was 5, probably while she was in kindergarten. Well, 5 came and went, still no loose tooth. Kindergarten started and finished, still no loose tooth. Poor kid. A couple weeks ago, during her dentist check-up, they told her she had a tooth that was a little loose. Oh, the excitement! Every day, she'd ask me to check how loose it was. We told her to try to be patient, that it would some out when it was ready. I said it would happen before she went to Popi and Yaya's house. Then, the closer her trip got, the more I worried that I'd miss it, that her tooth would come out at Popi and Yaya's house. I didn't want to miss that moment! This last week, she checked out a book at the library about the tooth fairy, wrote the tooth fairy a note (who also wrote one back, telling Beth she would see her soon). The anticipation was too much! While fixing her hair for church Wednesday night (before they were leaving for P&Y the next day), she showed me how she could wiggle it with her tounge. OOOOO!!!! I gave it a wiggle. Yup, it was coming out! I gave it a tug, then Kevin worked on it. That little tooth is so tough to grab with grownup fingers.
Finally, out it came! She didn't whine about it one time. Meanwhile, Jacob says he has a loose tooth, too. Once we got the bleeding stopped and her mouth rinsed out, she couldn't stop grinning. I don't think I've ever seen a smile so big.
We got her tooth ready and into the special tooth fairy bear. Grandma gave Beth that bear, I think when she got her first tooth. That night, we tucked the bear under the corner of her pillow. We talked about how much she might get and that it was the first tooth, making it extra special. She was ready to get to sleep!
Sure enough, the tooth fairy came through! A $5 bill! Lucky girl! She was so proud and excited that she got $5 for her special first tooth. She's looking forward to loosing another one already. It won't be long- the next tooth over is already loose.

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