Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of First Grade

We'd already taken her supplies on orientation night. Found her new classroom- it's upstairs, super exciting. Found her desk and who she sits by. There were workbooks in the desk! Beth's teacher told us the general plan and how it'll be different from kinder. Beth was thrilled to hear she'll get to take tests and have spelling. I love that girl! A long wait over the weekend (with plenty to do, though) until school started on Monday.

The night before, we picked out her clothes (after a few decision changes). She chose her new black polo and new khaki skort. That skort is a size 8, and I'm not sure the length will make it all year. She's so tall! I like to take her measurements to see how much she grows over the school year. She's starting at 48.5" tall and weighed 54 pounds (I'm not so sure that's right, but we'll go with it).

Bright and early, excited to be starting school. Kevin and Beth have breakfast together while I get her lunch packed and make sure her backpack is ready. Of course, Jacob is up early, too. We got everyone dressed and out the door to arrive just in time. Every morning they start out in the gym (1st-12th grades) with pledges and a prayer. Then, they head to their classes. All these grades are in the same building, less than 75 students total.
Waiting to go upstairs- Beth and a few of her church buddies
Here's Beth's class, all 9 of the first graders. Only 1 is new from kindergarten, but Beth knows her from church. Because of the small, close-knit school, 1st and 2nd grades are together in one room, same teacher. The 2nd graders, 5 of them, are on the other side of the room, facing the opposite direction.
Beth had a great first week. Her classroom job was to feed the pet turtles, and she loved it. While they started with water bottles at their desk, that only lasted a week. Too many trips to the potty! They've started a little work, but she's ready for more. She's come home absolutely worn out- all day with no nap is a big change. I know once her body adjusts, she'll be fine. We're trying to get naps on weekend to catch her up. All in all, we're looking forward to a great year!
Jacob had a hard time on the first day, missing his sister. But, now, he's fine with "just Mommy and Jacob" hanging out.

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Fred said...

I think her smile has grown since she lost the tooth.