Monday, August 2, 2010

Big girl moment #1- The Sleepover

Kevin and I have talked for a while about when Beth would be old enough to have a friend sleepover. We decided to give it a go. I talked "what if" with Beth- who would she invite, what would they do, would they be nice to Jacob, etc. Little did she know I already made plans for her buddy Faith (who she would have chosen to invite). Faith's mom talked to Faith about keeping it a secret and about sleeping over. They worked out what she would bring- her sleeping bag so she didn't fall off the bed, lots of blankets and pillows, her little game player, etc. Finally, the day arrived. I had Beth clean her room extra good, I kept telling her "no" to getting involved in this or that, all while we were waiting for her friend to arrive. FINALLY, the doorbell rang! I let Beth answer the door when she saw who it was. She asked Faith, "what are you doing here?". Faith had to tell Beth twice that she was staying the night. The look on Beth's face was priceless!

It didn't take long before they were off and playing. Jacob loves all his sister's friends, so I asked the girls to play with Jacob a little, too, and I would give them alone time later. They kindly obliged. They had so much fun playing together. Once they got just girl time, they played each other's game things, made pipe cleaner crafts, got their sleeping bags ready and got jommies on. I settled in with Jacob for a movie, and they eventually came to join us. Faith looked like she was about to crash, so bedtime for all. Even after stories and lights out, the girls giggled for at least an hour. It was so hard to fall asleep for them! Despite the late bedtime, they were up before 7am. I was already looking forward to naptime! I made pancakes for breakfast- they each got their first initial for a pancake shape. It wasn't long before they were full and ready to play. It's a long time of togetherness, all three kids were being testy with each other, so I knew it was time to take Faith home. They really did have a great time together and look forward to another one. Next, Beth will spend the night at Faith's house. Such big girl stuff!

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